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Eclipse RCP Training Series in Munich

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Munich, Germany

April 23-27, Munich: Learn the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with Kai Tödter 

Munich, Germany. Eclipse RCP is a platform for building and deploying rich client applications. It includes Equinox, a component framework based on the OSGi standard, the ability to deploy native GUI applications to a variety of desktop operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and an integrated update mechanism for deploying desktop applications from a central server.

Delivered by Eppleton, a company specialized on Java Trainings for professional developers in Munich, Germany, the Training series shows you how to develop desktop applications with Eclipse RCP from the ground up. Like the Rich Client Platform the training is modular which allows you to choose the parts you're interested in: 

Eclipse Rich Client Platform 3.x: Fundamentals, April 23 -25

In this 3-day Workshop you'll learn everything about the architectur of the Platform and it's essential parts. At the end of this workshop you'll know everything you need to develop your own Rich-Clients.

Eclipse Rich Client Platform 3.x: Advanced, April 26

A perfect extension to the fundamentals course. At the end of these day full of advanced topics, you'll be able to define your own Extension Points, handle long-running background tasks, databinding, virtual trees and tables for huge datamodels,provisioning strategies, and more...

Rich-Client-Entwicklung mit der Eclipse 4.x Application Platform, April 27

 In this power workshop you'll learn everyting about the new e4 Eclipse Application Platform 4.x, which makes it even simpler to create great looking Desktop Applications, with features like css support, theme-switching and rendering with different UI tolkits. 


TKai Toedterhe training will be led by RCP expert Kai Toedter. Kai Tödter is a Senior Engineer in Siemens AG Corporate-Technology-Division. He's working with Java-Technologies since almost 15 years now, and in recent years began to increasingly deal with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. As a worldwide renowned Eclipse RCP Expert, he represents  Siemens in the Eclipse Foundation and is a Committer in a number of Open Source projects, including Eclipse Platform UI and Eclipse e4. Kai is also known for his articles in profesional journals, his talks at international conferences and his Blog.

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