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Stefane Fermigier05/23/08
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Nuxeo RCP 2.0 Launched: an Open Source Rich Client Platform for Document and Multimedia Applications

Nuxeo, pioneer and leader in open source ECM, has today announced the launch of Nuxeo RCP 2.0, a dedicated platform for the development of rich client ECM applications.

Jason Jones05/21/08
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Save Coding Time With SlickEdit Core for Eclipse

SlickEdit Core is a plug-in for Eclipse that allows developers to use the popular SlickEdit code editor as the default editor within the Eclipse environment. SlickEdit Core consists of the SlickEdit editor, 7 additional views, and the DIFFzilla® differencing...

Lynn Gayowski05/14/08
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Upcoming Eclipse Webinars: SOA Tools Platform and Memory Analyzer Projects

Eclipse is hosting 2 new project webinars in May.Bridging SOA Editors in Eclipse STP with the Intermediate ModelMay 27, 20089:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm GMTPresented by Adrian MosTo register email webinar-stp at eclipse dot org

James Sugrue05/06/08
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Eclipse 3.4 Final Milestone

M7, the final milestone before the June release of Eclipse 3.4, was made available last Friday. There will probably be some release candidates before the final release.There have been numerous changes made over the course of the 3.4 milestone releases. If you...

Robert Palomo05/06/08
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Comprehensive ALM for Java Development

Polarion Software has announced new Q2 time slots for its personalized online ALM demo sssions. Each free 45-minute session centers around how to implement ALM best practices in Java development using the company's web based integrated ALM solution Polarion...

James Sugrue05/02/08
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Eclipse Ganymede M6 Packages

The Eclipse Ganymede M6 packages are available for download. This is your chance to give feedback for the upcoming 3.4 release. The packages are split across a number of target audiences:

Lynn Gayowski04/16/08
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Join Eclipse for a Party at JavaOne

The Eclipse Foundation is throwing a party for the Eclipse community at JavaOne. Meet other Eclipse fans, have some fun and drink beer - what more could you ask for? If you're planning to attend, please send an email to to be added to...

ben xu04/16/08
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Analyze Your Eclipse Plugins with T4Eclipse

T4Eclipse, a tool for Eclipse plug-in developers to run analysis on their pluging has just been released under version 1.1. This article outlines how the tool works.Currently,T4Eclipse provides the following functions:

Matthew Hall04/03/08
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PaperClips Printing Library for SWT: Version 1.0.3 Released

PaperClips is a simple, light weight, extensible printing library for SWT. PaperClips hides the complexity of laying out and rendering documents on the printer, helping you to focus on what to print instead of how to print it.

Christoph Beck04/02/08
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STAN 1.0: Structure Analysis for Java!

Odysseus Software has just released STAN 1.0. STAN is an Eclipse-integrated/standalone bytecode analyzer, offering excellent dependency analysis, essential quality metrics and reporting. A free demo is now available for download.

Matthew Schmidt04/02/08
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JBuilder 2008: Now With More Smarts

Yesterday, CodeGear announced the availability of JBuilder 2008, including new tools for code re-use and the inclusion of Swing Designer from Instantiations. It looks like quite a release.

James Sugrue04/01/08
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Eclipse Announces Next Generation Platform, e4, is Now Available

Today, Eclipse has announced the immediate availability of the next major release of the Eclipse platform, code named e4. e4, which is supported on all known hardware and operating systems, redefines web-based applications and application development. It...

Eric Lu03/28/08
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ChainBuilder ESB 1.2 Released with ETL Database Integration Support

ChainBuilder ESB is an open source ESB platform consisting of Eclipse plugins, a Java Business Integration (JBI) runtime environment, and a Web-based Admin Console.  The platform emphasizes ease-of-use with graphical data and database mapping tools and...

Allison Roberts03/26/08
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Share your tool stacks with Pulse 2.0; Get on the Blue bandwagon

Genuitec has just released two products to make your life easier: general availability of MyEclipse 6.1 Blue Edition and a preview of Pulse 2.0.

Gábor Pécsy03/25/08
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ProSyst publishes OSGi for Android

Today ProSyst released the beta version of mBS for Android. mBS is the leading OSGi implementation in the embedded market. The beta release of the Android version is available from ProSyst Developer Zone. This release is under ProSyst Non-Commercial License,...