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James Sugrue03/20/08
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Prosyst Contributes to Equinox

Prosyst, an OSGi pioneer have announced that it has contributed the following components to Eclipse Equinox: Initial Provisioning IO Connector Service Specification Wire Admin Service Specification Declarative Services Specification These four service...

Tim Boudreau03/18/08
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Roman Strobl gives directions to the NetBeans Party at EclipseCon

In this video, Roman Strobl gives directions to the party NetBeans is hosting right next door to EclipseCon. By the way, it's not just for EclipseCon attendees. And apparently someone hired a Marilyn Monroe lookalike for it :-) We'll even have some cool...

James Sugrue03/18/08
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Community Feedback = Superior Product

Tasktop just announced the Spring 2008 release of their product, built on the Mylyn Framework. One of the great things about Tasktop is that if you don't use the Eclipse IDE you can still take advantage of the Task Focused Interface from Mylyn.

James Sugrue03/17/08
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EclipseLink Project to Deliver JPA 2.0 Reference Implementation

The second big announcement of day one at EclipseCon covers a new collaboration between Eclipse, Sun and Oracle.  The EclipseLink project has been selected as the reference implementation for the Java(TM) Persistence API (JPA) 2.0, JSR 317 standard.

James Sugrue03/17/08
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SpringSource Announces Tool Suite Based On Eclipse

Last week I met Rod Johnson at SpringIreland. During a brief discussion we talked about SpringIDE and Spring's relationship with Eclipse. Today at EclipseCon, SpringSource made a full announcement of the SpringSource Tool Suite.

Roman Strobl03/15/08
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NetBeans team is throwing a party at EclipseCon!

If you are coming to EclipseCon, NetBeans evangelism team would like to invite you to a NetBeans party on Tuesday, March 18 - the second day of EclipseCon. The party starts at 6:30 PM. We'll have free food and beer, we'll show demos of latest and coolest...

Lynn Gayowski03/13/08
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Upcoming Eclipse Webinars

Register and tune in to hear the latest Eclipse project webinars on modeling, Tigerstripe and EclipseLink. The webinars will feature live demos by project experts and you have the opportunity to ask questions and chat live during the presentations. For more...

Robert Palomo03/06/08
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Subversion BOF at EclipseCon 2008

Polarion Software, sponsor of the Subversive Team Provider project, will host a BOF for discussion of anything related to Subversion. Subversive project lead Igor Vinnykov will lead the session. Drinks and munchies, of course!

Ketan Padegaonkar03/02/08
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Announcing SWTBot 0.2

SWTBot is a functional testing tool for SWT/Eclipse applications. This release features a recorder, and better eclipse integration. Read more about SWTBot in the release notes.A lot of concepts in SWTBot have been borrowed from Abbot, and SWTBot provides a...

John Gilbert03/01/08
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Experience Model Driven Development on Rails with Taylor MDA 1.1.0

Taylor MDA is an open source, Eclipse-based UML modeling and code generation tool. It leverages a convention-based (on rails) code generation approach and stereotypes/annotations so that the maximum amount of code can be generated from streamlined UML models.

Ian Skerrett02/25/08
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EclipseCon and OSGI DevCon Start in 3 Weeks

EclipseCon starts in just 3 weeks on March 17 in Santa Clara, CA. If you haven't registerd but plan on attending, maybe it is time to register now.

Lynn Gayowski02/20/08
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Eclipse RCP Training Series

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce a new series of RCP training classes. The classes will be held between May 19 and June 13 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States.

Ian Skerrett02/19/08
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Your Vote Counts - Vote Now

The Eclipse Community Awards recognize the individuals that have made a significant contribution to the Eclipse community over the past year. You can participate in the awards by voting for the Top Committer, Top Contributor and Top Evangelist. The deadline...

Allison Roberts02/12/08
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Genuitec Provides No-Risk Option to RAD for WebSphere Developers

Genuitec announced today the release of a new product, MyEclipse Blue Edition, which is targeted at IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) and WebSphere development. MyEclipse Blue Edition is a powerful IDE for IBM RAD and WebSphere developers. With...