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Gábor Lipták10/27/09
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Headless Build With Eclipse

  You might face with the problem of having a lot of dependency information stored in Your Eclipse projects, but this information cannot be used to create nightly builds. There are tools like Ant4Eclipse, or Eclipse JDT-APT, but they have issues. We...

Max Katz10/27/09
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New Version of Exadel JavaFX Studio: 1.1.0 (Eclipse Plug-in)

Version 1.1.0 of Exadel JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse has been released. It adds these new features: JavaFX Script code assistJavaFX source editor keyword highlightingMac OS support (Snow Leopard)Other features:

Marta George10/22/09
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New Versions of WindowTester and WindowBuilder

Instantiations today announced new version updates to its GUI development tools, WindowBuilder Pro v7.2 and WindowTester Pro v4.0.  The company will showcase its new product features at Eclipse Summit Europe, October 27-29, 2009 with a booth and several...

Nitin Bharti10/16/09
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Øredev Developers Conference Coming to Sweden, Nov 2-6

Considered by many to be the best developers conference in Europe, Øredev is running for its fifth consecutive year. This years' theme "Efficiency" has been integrated into the content of all 14 tracks throughout all five days. The first two days...

Marta George10/09/09
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Instantiations Releases GWT Designer v7.2

Instantiations today announced the release of GWT Designer 7.2, an Eclipse-based GUI creation tool for developing interactive Ajax applications. GWT Designer utilizes wizards, WYSIWYG builders and bi-directional code generation to help developers rapidly...

Martina Schmid10/06/09
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QF-Test now supports Eclipse/SWT 3.5.1

Last week's release of Eclipse/SWT version 3.5.1 came at an inconvenient time for us since we are currently busy with the next QF-Test development version 3.1.2.In order to provide support for this latest Eclipse/SWT version as soon as possible, we decided to...

Toni Soueid10/05/09
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RCP Quiz Application Released

I am pleased to announce the availability of a first public release of a quiz authoring and taking application I have been authoring for the last few months.The application is named RCPQuizEngine and is available on under and open source...

Justin Sargent09/30/09
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Protecode Releases V3 of their Software Lifecycle IP Management Solutions

Protecode launched Release 3.0 of its Software Lifecycle IP Management solutions, enabling organizations to safely adopt and utilize the most appropriate open source software for their projects. Protecode’s software portfolio covers the spectrum of...

Lynn Gayowski09/25/09
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Eclipse Webinar: Equinox above the Cloud - Oct. 13

The Eclipse Foundation is hosting an upcoming webinar on Equinox above the Cloud. The webinar will start with a short introduction to Cloud computing. Then, using the g-Eclipse framework, a distributed, virtual infrastructure will be set-up. Leveraging OSGi...

Lynn Gayowski09/25/09
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Eclipse Webinar: Creating Custom Dojo Widgets Using WTP - Oct. 7

The Eclipse Foundation is presenting a webinar to engage participants in the process of developing a custom Dojo widget using the source editors provided by the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP). The focus will be on demonstrating how WTP's suite of editors...

Lynn Gayowski09/17/09
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Get Schooled by Eclipse

The Eclipse Foundation along with several member companies are offering a new training series this fall.  Based on feedback received from the community, the 4 courses being taught are Developing with Rich Client Platform (RCP), Advanced RCP,  Equinox...

Lynn Gayowski09/11/09
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Eclipse Webinar Sep. 23: Simplifying Desktop Development with Glimmer

The Eclipse project Glimmer is a JRuby API for SWT that takes advantage of the expressive Ruby language to provide a simple user-interface DSL (domain-specific language). Developers can rely on Glimmer to build the presentation layer of desktop applications...

Emil Ong09/04/09
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Caucho CanDI: Early Access Java Injection in Resin 4

The Caucho development team invites early adopters, technology watchers, and developers looking for new patterns to try CanDI, Caucho Technology's implementation of JSR-299 in the Resin 4.0.1 release. A growing list of Java Injection design patterns are...

Zviki Cohen09/02/09
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nWire for PHP Released: Code Exploration & Visualization for Eclipse PDT

nWire for PHP is an Eclipse plugin which accelerates PHP development by helping developers navigate through their code and better understand the architecture of their application. nWire was designed for developers who get lost in large and complex...