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Intland Software01/28/10
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HgEclipse 1.5.0

For those who are not familiar with the project: HgEclipse is a Mercurial plugin for the Eclipse IDE, geared towards enterprise use.AFAIK it is the best performant and most feature rich Mercurial plugin for Eclipse.Change highlights from 1.5.0RC1:History...

Lynn Gayowski01/15/10
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Webinar: Integrating BIRT within your Apps - Jan. 26

The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project is part of the Eclipse framework that provides infrastructure and tools to design, develop and deploy report content to your Java/J2EE application. This presentation will take you through the...

Lyndsey Clevesy01/11/10
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Getting Started with Cloud Computing

Get into Cloud Computing with this cheat sheet - Free download! 

Intland Software12/14/09
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HgEclipse 1.5.0 RC1

Version Highlights:

Lyndsey Clevesy12/07/09
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Get DZone's Newest Refcard: Google App Engine for Java

Download your Google App Engine for Java cheat sheet now! 

Piotr Maj12/07/09
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Easy Sharing of Eclipse Code Templates

 I've created an Eclipse plugin which makes it easy to share code templates with other developers via a public repository. It integrates with the Templates view and allows to import and export of code templates with just a few clicks. Here is a short...

Lynn Gayowski12/03/09
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Webinar: Eclipse in the Large - Dec. 14

IT departments of large enterprises face unique challenges deploying Eclipse to thousands, and even tens of thousands, of their developers. Join us for a webinar that will include speakers from Cisco, Morgan Stanley and eBay about some of the key challenges...

Reginald Stadlbauer12/02/09
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Qt and Java GUI Test Automation: Many Years of Squish Success at ARM Ltd.

Introduction ARM Ltd., is a well-established company that designs the technology that lies at the heart of many advanced digital products. ARM's product offering includes RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, enabling software, cell libraries,...

Lynn Gayowski11/30/09
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Webinar: Cross Platform Development and Testing with Eclipse - Dec. 1

How platform independent are Eclipse applications in practice? Eclipse is hosting a webinar to look at some of the differences between operating systems supported by Eclipse with respect to RCP applications, and to examine their effects on usability,...

Lynn Gayowski11/30/09
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Participate at EclipseCon 2010

EclipseCon 2010 wants to hear from you about the really cool stuff at Eclipse. The Call for Participation is open and you are encouraged to submit a proposal. This year the conference is being organized around three themes:

Max Katz11/24/09
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Exadel JavaFX Studio 1.1.1 Now Available

Ex­adel JavaFX Studio is an Eclipse plug-​​in that make it much easier to de­velop ap­pli­ca­tions using JavaFX for the UI. We have re­leased ver­sion 1.1.1. Here is a simple list of im­prove­ments for 1.1.1:

Lyndsey Clevesy11/16/09
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Free Cheat Sheet: GlassFish Application Server v3

Getting Started with GlassFish Application Server v3 begins by introducing you to what GlassFish is and how to get it.  Then it goes on to prove its worth as a lasting resouce by going into detail on Daily Administration Tasks, Security, Monitoring, and...

Lynn Gayowski11/12/09
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Webinar: Overview of the Eclipse Development Process for Committers - Jan. 12

Overview of the Eclipse Development Process for Committers January 12, 2010 at 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT Presented by Wayne Beaton from the Eclipse Foundation To register email

Stefanie Peitzker11/05/09
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Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.6

Robust new features have been introduced in this version to enable the business with powerful new tools and functionality. In addition, Eclipse 3.5 is fully supported.Business Rules Management for Agile Enterprises

Lynn Gayowski11/05/09
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Webinar: OSGi for Eclipse Developers - Nov. 16

Eclipse is presenting a webinar that gives a brief overview of what OSGi gives you to implement real modular and dynamic applications, including Import-Package vs. Require-Bundle and OSGi-Services, and where to use them in Eclipse-based apps, and more. OSGi...