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QF-Test Version 3.4.9 Released

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Most notable features added since the release of the 3.4 branch in May 2011 are support for Firefox up to current 14, updated support up to Eclipse "Juno" Version 3.8 and 4.2, ExtJS, Version 4 and RichFaces, Version 4, and an update to Groovy version 1.7.10.

QF-Test generally features easy-to-use capture/replay for effective recording of test cases for Java-based applets (Swing, SWT, Eclipse plug-ins and RCP, ULC, Web Start) and web-based applications (HTML, AJAX, GWT, RAP, Qooxdoo, Richfaces, ExtJs and ExtGwt). Advanced options, such as structuring and modularization, strongly increase the reusability of system tests and thus reduce the maintenance effort. Expert functions like scripting in Jython or Groovy allows powerful under-the-surface access. QF-Test is ideal for the automation of functional regression and load testing.

More details and the latest version (and also a free evaluation license) are available for download from

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