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ScriptEclipse 1.2.1 + Video Demonstration

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ScriptEclipse is a plugin that allows developers to add functionality to Eclipse by simple scripting. The supported script languages are Python, Ruby, Groovy and JavaScript.

Here is an introduction video.

Each script will become an entry in the ScriptEclipse menu bar automagically and you can access it there or via a shortcut. It will not get easier to write all those nifty little features you always wanted, but didn't want to write a plugin for! With ScriptEclipse you can add functionality to Eclipse without writing a single line of plugin.xml (or similar) code :)

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László Jánszky replied on Mon, 2012/09/17 - 11:34pm

Is it possible to reach Michael somehow?

I'd ask about his plugin. I try to find javascript code assist solutions, and I don't know the limits of scriptEclipse. Maybe I can write a simple plugin with it, which can extend the built-in code assist with several features.?!

Found him  on twitter.

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