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William Chen11/26/08
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Visual Swing for Eclipse

Visual Swing for Eclipse is a GUI designer tool, which consists of a set of Eclipse Plug-ins. It aims to provide a Swing designer for Eclipse for Java desktop developers.

Allison Roberts11/18/08
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MyEclipse Delivers New Life for Eclipse Europa Users

MyEclipse has announced the immediate availability of MyEclipse 6.6 - a release for users currently standardized on Eclipse Europa (3.3).The release is focused on increased choice and support for Maven 2, including a full implementation of Maven 2 for Eclipse...

Lynn Gayowski11/05/08
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Eclipse Riena Project Webinar

Riena ProjectNovember 26, 2008 at 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm GMTPresented by Christian CampoTo register email webinar-riena@eclipse.orgRiena is an open source Eclipse project targeted at building client / server applications based on Eclipse...

Ian Skerrett11/03/08
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Eclipse Summit Europe Starts in 2 Weeks

Eclipse Summit Europe starts in just over 2 weeks on November 18 in Ludwigsburg Germany.  If you plan on attending, we suggest that you register in advanced.   After November 15 the price to register will increase by 50 Euros.   

Reginald Stadlbauer10/28/08
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Automated GUI Testing Interview on Squish 4.0

Squish is the leading automated GUI testing tool supporting applications based on cross-platform GUI technologies such as Java Swing/AWT, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, C++/Qt, Web/HTML/Ajax and more. Squish is renowned for its dedicated toolkit support, use of open...

Jill Tomich10/26/08
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Getting Started with MyEclipse Refcard Available - Download Now

MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE for the open source Eclipse platform.Downloaded over 10 million times, MyEclipse ( is the #1 commercial Eclipse-based IDE, with industry-leading support for Java and...

Lynn Gayowski10/24/08
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EclipseCon 2009 Call for Participation

EclipseCon, the premier technical and user conference focusing on the power of the Eclipse platform will be held March 23-26, 2009 in Santa Clara, CA.  The call for participation at EclipseCon is now open.  All members of the Eclipse community are...

Kabir Khan10/23/08
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JBoss AOP 2.0.0.GA Released

JBoss AOP 2.0.0.GA has been released. It can be downloaded from here, the full release notes can be found here, and the updated documentation can be found here.

Ian Skerrett10/22/08
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Eclipse Banking Day in NYC

The Eclipse Foundation is please to announce a new event, called Eclipse Banking Day in NYC, on December 9, 2008 in New York City. This event is for architects, development managers and senior developers who work for a financial institution...

Skills Matter M...10/16/08
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Eclipse DemoCamp in London

The Eclipse DemoCamps are a showcase all of the cool and interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. Come along to meet Eclipse enthusiasts and experts in London. You don't need to be a software developer to attend!

Marta George10/16/08
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Instantiations’ CodePro AnalytiX v5.6 Doubles Security Audit Rules

CodePro AnalytiX version 5.6 helps meet security policy compliance by exposing high-risk runtime vulnerabilities at the source level. With over 1100 audit rules, CodePro has the most comprehensive Eclipse-based auditing library. This update also includes...

Lynn Gayowski10/15/08
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Eclipse DemoCamps in November

During the month of November, the Eclipse Foundation is inviting individuals to attend DemoCamps around the world. Eclipse DemoCamps are an opportunity to showcase all of the interesting technology being built by the community. They are also an opportunity...

Allison Roberts10/09/08
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MyEclipse Delivers Flexible Maven Tools, Spans Developer Spectrum

This second milestone release includes the full implementation of Maven 2 for Eclipse tools, giving users the choice to utilize Maven in its native, “raw” format, or choose to utilize the fully-integrated Maven4MyEclipse solution. This flexibility, along...

Lynn Gayowski10/01/08
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Eclipse Foundation Webinars in October

The Eclipse Foundation is hosting 2 webinars in October. Please register to join us for these free online events. Practitioner's Guide to Software EcosystemsOctober 15, 2008 at 9:30 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT / 4:30 pm GMTPresented by Mike Milinkovich, Executive...

Allison Roberts09/17/08
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Pulse revolutionizes enterprise software delivery with “Private Label”

Genuitec has announced the immediate availability of Pulse “Private Label,” a new product designed to give corporations complete