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AJDT 2.0 is Here

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And it looks good. I complained pretty vociferously on here about the inability of eclipse to understand ITDs (or at least not show them as an error). That's the first thing listed in the New and Noteworthy. Looks great (although the example makes < no sense and includes a System.out??). Very excited about this. This is a great way to do mixins.

One of the things in the N&N list that I am not super clear on is the linked source folders. It makes some sense because it has always been a hassle to have aspects interspersed with Java, and I have always been suspicious that ajc has been slowing down the project. That seems to be what is being addressed with this new approach. The question is why I would want to point to a local folder and why they are showing a link to a desktop folder. Surely, I still want to keep my aspects under source control.

The event trace enhancements look great. The improved support for Maven also looks great! (I have been using m2Eclipse with AJDT for a long time.) Finally, the support for ITD scoping in code completion is great too. Does this look like a huge point release (e.g. 2.0) when added up? Not to me. But the metrics on the bug fixes are impressive.

Aspects are a great addition to the language/stack, no question about it.

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Ye Xiaowei replied on Mon, 2009/07/27 - 8:41pm

Great. I like this tool. Congratulate!

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