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Cool Jobs: Wanted RCP Developer for Diesel Games

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There is a steady stream of interesting Eclipse related jobs on the eclipse.employment newsgroup.   Take today, Diesel Games is looking for an RCP Developer.  I gotta believe working for a games company must be a lot of fun.  It seems Diesel Games is still developing their product but when it is done, I hope they show it off at places like EclipseCon.

In the last week, there are some more interesting jobs:

Lots of really interesting stuff being built on Eclipse and lots more on this newsgroup.

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Luis Carlos Mor... replied on Tue, 2008/11/11 - 5:43pm

Muito interessante


Gostaria muito de trabalhar num país que tem oportunidades em RCP, GEF e GMF etc.

Mas infelizmente não falo nenhum outro idioma além do Português!


Luis Carlos Moreira

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