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Eclipse 4 is Coming, Are You Ready?

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Juno, the next Eclipse release train, will be the first time the default Eclipse platform will be based on Eclipse 4.   This means all the packages on the page will be based on Eclipse 4, so lots and lots of people are going to be using Eclipse 4.  The Eclipse 4 team has done a great job on the compatibility layer so we are expecting a smooth transition.

Eclipse 4 also presents a great opportunity for RCP developers to build even better RCP applications.  EclipseCon 2012 features a ton of sessions to educate developers on how to benefit from Eclipse 4.   Many of these sessions are being provided by the Eclipse 4 committers, so you get to learn from the experts:

- A 3 hour tutorial from Kai Todter on ‘Creating Rich Clients with Eclipse RCP 4.x

- The Eclipse 4 Platform Explained -Tom Schindl

- Eclipse 4 API: The Path of Least Resistance – Eric Moffatt

- Eclipse 4 meets CDO: Now You See It, and So Do They! – Eike Stepper, Eric Moffatt and Tom Schindl

- Eclipse 4.2: Tips on API best practices for a 3.x plugin running on both platforms – Eric Moffatt, Remy Suen and Paul Webster

- Eclipse 4′s Modeled UI: Providing you with the Tools to Chart you own graph – Remy Suen

- and Experiences from porting a commercial RCP application to Eclipse 4.x – Frank Attebrant and Anders Forsell

Of course there will also be lots of time for networking and meeting the committers working on Eclipse 4.   If you are involved in Eclipse RCP development or building Eclipse plugins, EclipseCon is going to be a great way to make sure you are ready for Eclipse 4 and Juno.



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