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Eclipse Conference Season

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As we near the end of summer, conference season seems to be starting and there are a number of Eclipse conferences being organized.

The producers of the successful JAX conferences in Europe are starting a new Java and Eclipse oriented conference in San Jose, called JAX San Jose on Oct. 5-9.   There is some great Eclipse content and an impressive line-up of speakers.   It is nice to see a new Java oriented conference being started on the west coast

Eclipse World is being held October 28-30 in Reston VA.  I always enjoy this conference and am looking forward to attending again this year.  We also plan to co-located the Eclipse members meeting at the same hotel as Eclipse World, so I hope to see a lot of people in Reston.  btw, the deadline for the early bird registration price for Eclipse World is tomorrow August 22.

Of course not to be forgotten is Eclipse Summit Europe in Germany on Nov 19-20.  I will be attending ESE for the very first time, so I am looking forward to this event.  The call for submissions for ESE closes on Sept. 1, so if you have a cool topic that you would like to present, now is the time.  Registration is now open too.

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