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Eclipse Project Set Editor

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An Eclipse Project Set file (.psf) enables quick export and import of files from a repository like Git, SVN etc. Eclipse currently supports exporting files in a repository as a Project Set file. An editor for an existing PSF file is currently missing. The means updating an existing PSF file (for example, adding a new project, removing an existing project etc.) means editing PSF XML by hand!

The Project Set Editor provides a simple user interface to view and edit PSF files (similar to Manifest Editor or Target Definition Editor). The editor also allows directly importing the artifacts in a PSF file.

You can find the project at Eclipse Labs:

Doors are open for testers and committers.


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David Karr replied on Sat, 2013/01/26 - 2:31pm

Looks like a good start.  I've been hoping someone would write this someday.

Some major issues/features that I see:

* Doing "Open File" on a PSF file did nothing.  It didn't know what to do with it. It only knows about PSF files within Eclipse projects, which is actually counterintuitive.

* My PSF file that had details of the SVN path for each project just shows the project names in the editor. If this is to be of any use, it will need to display and allow editing the SVN path info.

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