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Keep in Touch With Eclipse Summit Europe on EclipseZone

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This week I'll be fortunate enough to be attending the sold out Eclipse Summit Europe conference. It's two years since I last made it to an Eclipse conference, so I can't wait to catch up with the people and technology behind the Eclipse eco-system.  I'll be providing daily updates from the conference on EclipseZone and JavaLobby. For real-time updates, just follow @dzonejames on Twitter. 

Here are some of the things that have made me excited about the conference:

The App

Peter Friese and the team at itemis have put a great app together to help you along through the conference, with maps, a list of all the scheduled talks, with the option to create your own listing of the talks you want to attend. Every conference should have these type of apps. The app is available for iPhone and Android users, with rumours of a Blackberry app.

You can download the iPhone version of the app here and the barcode to scan for the Android version is on the right.

The Keynotes

Every Eclipse conference has great keynotes, and ESE is no exception. Wednesday's keynote, Code And Belief, sounds like it will be a great start to the conference. Later that evening, Jeff Norris from NASA will be talking about Mission Critical Agility, raising some very interesting questions: 

Is it wise to embrace innovation and take risks when so much is at stake? Can you afford to be agile when failure is not an option?

Thursday's keynote will cover The Industrialization of the Services Sector, focussing on how the software industry can prepare for "the age of excellence". 

The Symposium 

Tomorrow kicks off with a variety of topics. You can learn more about e4, modeling or mobile development. I'll be sticking to the talks around model driven development. 

The Talks

On Wednesday and Thursday, every topic in the Eclipse eco-system is probably covered. I'm looking forward to taking the opportunity to find out more about some newer technologies (or at least technologies I haven't had much exposure to yet), like CDO and Graphiti.I also really want to find out how to control my home with OSGi!  It's all shaping up to be a great conference.