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Learn Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts Easily

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Disclaimer: Some users experienced this plugin to break their Eclipse Juno (see comments). Use at own risk!

Using keyboard shortcuts can vastly increase your productivity. Instead of switching between keyboard and mouse all the times, trying to figure out where that mouse cursor is, left/right clicking your way through context menus nested several levels deep, you could’ve just hit Alt-Shift-I, for instance, for inlining constants, variables, methods, etc… But how to remember the most important ones? Tricky…

Except if you’re using the mousefeed Eclipse plugin: (ignore the bad page layout)

This plugin will show a very annoying and obnoxious, big popup indicating the keyboard shortcut that you could’ve used just now instead of clicking through Eclipse menus with your mouse. For instance:

A shortcut reminder

A shortcut reminder

This will eventually annoy you so much that you’ll willingly use the suggested keyboard shortcut just to make the popup go away! And the best thing is, you’ll only learn the shortcuts for those actions that you really execute very often.

Be productive again!

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Piotr Kochanski replied on Fri, 2012/10/12 - 6:59am

I was using that for a while, but I was 5 years younger then today. Is this plugin still developed? Is it working on Eclipse later then 3.3?

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Fri, 2012/10/12 - 11:24am

For VIM lovers there is Vrapper. Instead of using Escape key, use Control+[. Reconfigure your keyboard to swap Control and Caps Lock, because Caps Lock is hardly ever used, and the Control key is in a really awkward place making you have to twist your wrist. A long time ago, Control keys were next to the A key, but some idiot decided to move it to the corner.

The idea is that you can keep you hands positioned over the keyboard (touch typing obviously) without having to move around your hands, including things like cursor keys (HJKL).

IMO, anything less is just plain clumsy.


Abhishek Chavan replied on Fri, 2012/10/12 - 12:38pm

Doesn't work on Eclipse 4.1 using SpringToolsuite. Had a difficult time reverting as button clicks also stopped working :(

Lukas Eder replied on Tue, 2012/10/16 - 10:18am in response to: Abhishek Chavan

That's bad news. I'm sorry, I didn't try it with Juno :-/

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