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Meet This Year's Top Contributor Nominees

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Continuing our coverage of the Individual Eclipse Community Awards, following on from yesterday's interviews with the Top Ambassador nominees, today we interview the nominees for the Top Contributor category.      

The award is to recognize an Eclipse contributor who best exemplifies support for the community through submission of patches & comments on bugs, posts to newsgroups, creation of white papers,
presentations at conferences, blogs, IRC and other forums. Top contributors make their contributions due to their passion for making Eclipse a better community. In general, no one is paying them for the time they spend on making their Eclipse contributions.

This year's Top Contributor nominees are:

  • Frank Becker

    Frank is well known for his work on the Mylyn project, in particular for his work on the Bugzilla connector.
  • Benjamin Cabe

    Benjamin was nominated for all the work he has done in the PDE project, along with his contributions to the modelling and platform projects.
  • Dave Carver

    Dave has been nominated for his contributions to the WTP project, where he's involved in the XSL tools and the visual editor for XML. He is also a member of the architectural council.
  • Eugene Kuleshov

    Eugene has reported or commented on almost 3000 bugs in 7 years. He has been nominated for his work on the m2eclipse project, and is noted as being an incredibly dedicated Eclipse advocate
    Unfortunately, we do not have an interview available with Eugene.
  • Miles Parker

    Miles has been nominated for his work with the Equinox p2 team, where he has contributed something far more valuable to that team than patches: an end-user perspective that is different from that of Eclipse developers
  • Tom Schindl

    Tom has been nominated for helping to shape up the Platform UI and Databinding and recently bringing the UFacekit project over to Eclipse. He has also had a fundamental impact on the future of Eclipse through his contributions to the e4 project

Over the next few pages we will introduce and interview each of the nominees. It's interesting to see what each of these guys do for the community, so please consider each of the nominees before you place your vote.