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Plugin and Play - Integrating YouTube with Eclipse

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The following article describes how to create a YouTube search plugin for Eclipse, that can be integrated into your everyday instance of the IDE. In this article you'll learn how to create a plugin using the Plugin Development Environment and how to use some parts of the Google YouTube API. This article is inspired from Geertjan's lead, where he created the same type of plugin for the IntelliJ IDE.

Getting Started

This example is based on Eclipse 3.3. I would recommend downloading the Eclipse For Plugin Developers Pack as it has all you need to get going. To interact with YouTube, you’ll need to download the YouTube Data API.

Create A New Project

From the File menu, choose to create a New Plug-in Project.


















We want this plug-in to run from within Eclipse, rather than to create a separate RCP application for it. So you can just choose No to create a Rich Client Application, and to tick the choice for contributing to the UI.


















At this stage you can click on Finish, as we won’t be using any of the templates for plug-ins that Eclipse provides. Once you click finish you will be asked if you wish to switch to the Plugin Developers Perspective. Of course, this is a good idea.