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Two Reasons Why Nuxeo’s New Project Is Important

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Today, Nuxeo announced they would like to start a new open source project at the Eclipse Foundation, based on their existing Nuxeo Core technology.   We always like getting new and interesting project proposals but I think this one is important for two reasons:

1) Foundation for innovation.   As Matt Aslett has written, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of community led projects, rather than having direct corporate control of the project.    Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo, also stipulates one of the reason for proposing the project is to engage with the community to foster innovation.

Nuxeo is a well established player in the enterprise content management space, with a solid business model that allows them to build value on top of a widely deployed platform.   Having Nuxeo look to Eclipse as being a place to take their strategy to the next level is a  great validation of the Eclipse model.

2) More options for the Eclipse RT and the stackless stack.  The Eclipse community has been expanding the EclipseRT technology portfolio.   Last year projects like Virgo and Gemini have accelerated the technologies available for building runtime stacks.   Nuxeo Core is based on OSGi and run on Equinox and Virgo.   Having a Content Repository project at Eclipse will add to the functionality available for people who want to assemble their own runtimes.   This is an important addition for the EclipseRT portfolio.

The new Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository Project (ECR) will be one to watch.   More details and information are available from Eric’s blog post.


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