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Daily Dose - ICEfaces 2.0 - A Wintery, JSF 2-based Release

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The ICEfaces team has delivered the major version 2.0 this week and as the number implies, it is built on top of the relatively new JSF 2.0 spec.  The new version contains enhancements in the JavaScript Client API, portlet development, minimized dependencies, and Ajax Push.  Other cool (pun intended!) features include Single Submit and Direct-to-DOM Rendering.

OpenIndiana Releases a New Build
Build 148 of the OpenSolaris-based fork, OpenIndiana, was released by the Illumos Foundation this week.  The new build features updated packages, re-added PostgreSQL packages, and fixes for JavaSSL cryptography.  Developers say that their development model will mirror the CentOS project's reflection of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  No roadmap indicating a release date for a stable version of OpenIndiana has been published.

Spring's GemFire 1.0 Solidifies
The first release candidate for the Spring GemFire distributed data management platform is available this week.  Version 1.0 includes a bunch of integrations with Spring technology and works with both Java and .NET.  The release candidate changes include documentation improvements and integrated updates from new versions of Spring, Spring.NET, and GemFire.

Microsoft Builds a Playground for Unstable Parts of HTML5  
For the web standards that could still change in their long trek through the W3C (or IETF and ECMA)standardization roadmap, Microsoft has creased HTML5 Labs—a place where you can play around prototypes of those unstandardized standards.  Microsoft says this is the more prudent approach to HTML5 support, and they will be supporting this model in IE9.  Current 'playground' specs include WebSockets and IndexedDB.

Understanding how Java debugging works
Learn debugging from the command line and remote debugging.
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