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Daily Dose - First Release of OpenStack is Out

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The OpenStack project for open source, interoperable cloud computing and storage controllers has just released its first public version, codenamed "Austin."  Developers were surprised by the amount of active participation that has moved the project forward very quickly in the past three months.  Although it's not ready for primetime yet, OpenStack Compute and Object Storage are in a more usable format.  Learn more about OpenStack here.  

JavaScript iPhone IDE - Written in JavaScript
One frustrated iPhone developer has decided to make his own JavaScript IDE for the iPhone, since Objective-C is not his cup o' tea and going through Safari didn't sound good either.  The IDE, which is also written in JavaScript, has keyword completion, direct access to special characters, and a line-number sidebar along with a few other features.  The IDE will support more devices down the road.

Mozilla Web App Store Previewed
Mozilla is looking to compete with the Chrome's Web Store and Apple's new Mac App Store with it's own open web store for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript-based apps.  There's going to be no exclusivity in where apps can be "installed."  The apps can be distributed through multiple stores and installed on a dashboard.  You see the prototype of the store here.

New Mac App Store - No Java?
As reported on Javalobby, Apple is deprecating Java on Mac OS X.  Another part of the story is that the new Mac App Store has guidelines stating that apps can not use "deprecated or optionally-installed technologies."  This means that Java developers will not get the opportunity to write Java apps for Apple's new Mac App Store, although I don't know if there was much Mac application development going on with Java in the first place.  

IE9 is the IE6 of css3
It seems that IE9 supports less CSS3 than we've been led to believe.  Thanks to Adam Coyler for this post.
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Philippe Lhoste replied on Mon, 2010/10/25 - 8:48am

"I don't know if there was much Mac application development going on with Java in the first place"

This is missing the main point of doing Java development: it is to be able to use Java programs from Processing to NetBeans, from applets to Java games, on Mac as well as on other systems, without changes (if well done).

It is not about Java development specifically done on/for Mac computers.

"Apps that use deprecated or optionally installed technologies (e.g., Java, Rosetta) will be rejected"

After making one step forward (allowing scripting on iPhone apps), they make one step back. What is a "technology"? Is that the scripting language I wished to use? Is that a useful library I wanted to integrate? This restriction leaves lot for the interpretation from Apple...

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