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Daily Dose - Oracle Responds to Lea Departure and Hologic Nomination

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It was very surprising this week to find that Oracle employees actually responded to some of the bad press surrounding their company as of late - namely, the criticism surrounding Doug Lea's departure and the JCP.  Oracle's response to Lea's departure praised his contributions and disagreed with the "bleak description of reality" in regards to the JCP that some bloggers are talking about.  On the JUG leaders mailing list, Oracle also explained their recent nomination of Hologic for a seat on the JCP, which some considered a move to "stack" the JCP in Oracle's favor.  Oracle's explanation was simply that the "end-user and business perspective" has been underrepresented on the Executive Committee.  They believe Hologic provides this perspective.  

LLVM: Clang Compiles Working Linux Kernel
The Clang C/C++ compiler, which constitutes the front end for the Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) compiler infrastructure, has reached another major milestone in development today by building a working Linux kernel.  The test was conducted by a student who works with Clang in his free time.  There's still plenty to clean up in the building of the Kernel, but it's good news for those following Clang/LLVM development.

100K Apps in the Android Marketplace
This week Google confirmed that it had over 100 thousand applications in the Android Marketplace.  To put this in perspective, we can compare this number to the Apple App Store, which has 300K apps.  Having an app market that is one-third the size of Apple's is a big milestone for Android in the mobile race.

BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 Getting Flash Player 10.1
At this week's Adobe MAX conference, Adobe announced that it would be bringing its mobile-optimized Flash player 10.1 to Windows Phone 7, WebOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, MeeGo, and LiMo mobile operating systems.  There's no timeline for each operating system, but I suspect some may be delayed - like Symbian's support, due to the foundations current troubles.

Babylon 5 and the Great War of Java
Stephen Colbourne compares the history of the JCP to a classic Sci-Fi series.  See Oracle's response above.  
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