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Daily Dose - VP8 SDK is Ready

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The WebM project has just delivered their first release of libvpx (codename: "Aylesbury"), the SDK for the VP8 open source video codec.  The VP8 codec was open sourced at Google I/O this year and combined with Ogg Vorbis (an open audio codec) to form the first fully open source web video package with performance comparable to H.264.  Since May, when the announcement was made, the WebM developer community has given libvpx a 20%-40% (28% avg.) increase in decoder speed.

Apple Strikes Back at Motorola
Several weeks ago, Microsoft sued Motorola for certain features on their Android phones.  Then Motorola sued Apple for antenna designs and many other things.  Now Apple is suing Motorola back for multitouch features.  And now I think we've reached the point of mutually assured destruction by patents (and some very rich lawyers).

OpenNebula 2.0 Can Interact With More Stuff
Some big improvements were made to version 2.0 of the OpenNebula Toolkit, which brings many different platforms into the cloud through a virtual infrastructure manager and other software.  Version 2.0 can deal with almost any hardware/software combination with new support for MySQL, clusters, an image repository, accounting, and LDAP support.  OpenNebula now works with Xen, KVM, and VMware-based virtualization solutions.  

SpringSource Release Party Continues: Spring 3.0.5 and Spring AS 1.1
Spring 3.0.5 and Spring ActionScript 1.1 were released soon after Spring Roo 1.1 and other releases that followed the SpringOne 2GX Conference.  3.0.5 features a few updates such as Hibernate 3.6 final support, improvements in SpEL, Apache Derby 10.6 embedded database support, and other minor improvements and fixes.  Spring ActionScript 1.1 has added a test framework, component scanning, context XML namespace, PostConstruct, PreDestroy, and Inject Metadata.

25 Best Linux Commands
The top 25 command line snippets that you definitely want to know if you're using Linux. 
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