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Daily Dose - Java Skills in Higher Demand than IT Security

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According to a survey of hiring managers, Java skills were harder to find than IT security skills.  In previous surveys, security specialists were harder to come by.  Virtualization jobs have been easier to fill, according to the new numbers.  Also included in the top ten (hardest skills to find) were SAP, DB admin, .NET, Oracle, SharePoint, and C#.

Google Stays in China
About six months after Google lashed out at China by directing users to the Hong Kong search (with unfiltered results) after Chinese hackers were indicated in the attacks on several GMail accounts, the Chinese government has decided to renew Google's internet content provider license.  This allows Google to continue providing web search and other local products in China.  Google was able to obtain a favorable decision because last week they started sending visitors to a landing page where users can choose whether or not to go to Hong Kong's site.

Infinispan 4.1 Getting Stable
After a busy week at JUDCon and JBoss World/Red Hat Summit, JBoss released the first release candidate of Infinispan 4.1, their open source data grid platform.  Infinispan 4.1 is able to run in Amazon's EC2 and enable Hot Rod servers to run behind a proxy in such environments.  There are also significant performance improvements for the Infinispan based Lucene directory and Hot Rod client.  

Android Market Share Surged before iPhone 4
Recent comScore statistics show that between February and May, Android grabbed an extra 4% of the smartphone market away from competitors like Apple, RIM, and Microsoft.  With 13% of the market, Android is only 0.2% behind Windows Mobile.  RIM's share shrank 0.4% and Apple's fell by 1%.

5 Most Useful Javascripts For an Advanced Web Designer
Web designing is tough.  Make it easier with one of these tools.  Thanks to Tony Sun for bringing us this link!
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