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Alec Noller11/19/13
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Android vs. iOS: The Development Process Compared

This recent article makes a detailed comparison of Android and iOS development and asks a question: Which one should you pursue first? The author compares IDEs, configuration, UX design, languages, APIs, internet connectivity, social media sharing, fragmentation, and the publication process.

Wayne Beaton11/12/13
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The Art of the Git/Gerrit Commit at Eclipse

We’ve implemented some extensions to Git and Gerrit that check to make sure that commit records are structured as required, and reject those commits that are malformed.

Lukas Eder10/28/13
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Top 5 Useful Hidden Eclipse Features

Eclipse is a beast. A device whose mystery is only exceeded by its power. Yes, it is so huge, it takes years to master. And then, your manager shows up and tells you: We’re using NetBeans now. Just kidding. No one uses NetBeans.

Erich Styger10/22/13
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How to Avoid Slow Processor Expert Projects

The Eclipse IDE is in my view the best IDE in the world :-) . But it is not the fastest one: All the functionality and comfort has a price, and such a Java and highly flexible IDE requires its resources. Processor Expert is a very powerful Eclipse plugin which allows me to configure my device drivers and software components in a graphical way.

Mihai Dinca - P...10/20/13
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Eclipse & EGit Frustrations

It was only a proxy setting that caused so much trouble in so many places inside Eclipse. Sometimes, solving a problem can take just a second, but only after hours or days of frustration.

Scott Lewis10/18/13
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ECF 3.7 Adds New OSGi Features and Zookeeper Discovery Server

Big news! The Eclipse Communication just unveiled a major new version. ECF 3.7 was just released.

Sandeep Patel10/17/13
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Configuring Compass In Eclipse For Java Web Project

COMPASS is an SASS based css authoring framework which simplifies a CSS authoring.

Lukas Eder10/17/13
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Eclipse's Awesome Block Selection Mode

This post is about an awesome Eclipse feature, that is completely underestimated and hidden in the menu.

Reza Rahman10/17/13
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Using NoSQL with EclipseLink and JPA?

NoSQL is obviously a hot topic in the enterprise these days, at least at the water cooler if not in the production data center.

Mitch Pronschinske10/15/13
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What's the Best Development Resource You've Ever Found?

Once in a while, we find development resources that are really remarkable in the amount of great information they provide and other resources that they aggregate. What are some of the best programming resources (not including documentation) that you've ever found?

Justin Saliba10/10/13
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Increasing the Performance of Your Android Emulator

For independent developers and hobbyists, it's not feasible to purchase every possible device that runs Android. However, many have complained that developing on an emulator is extremely frustrating, slow, and in some cases, simply unusable. Enter Intel’s x86 Emulator Accelerator Manager (HAXM)!

Geoffrey De Smet10/09/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: 5 Maven Dependency Puzzlers Video

Given a Maven dependency tree, which jars end up on your classpath? Can you answer the 5 puzzlers in the video correctly?

Mitch Pronschinske10/08/13
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Getting Started with OpenShift Using JBoss Tools

Create an new OpenShift application and import it to your Eclipse workspace with JBoss Tools, then push those changes out to OpenShift.

Alec Noller10/08/13
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AskDZ: What's the Worst Bug You Ever Found and Solved?

Every developer has been faced with a bug that is different from other bugs. It may be a mistake of massive proportions, or something so small that the consequences couldn't be anticipated, or just comically unfortunate. If there is justice in the world, you can fix these bugs when you find them...

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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The Blogging Programmer's Style Guide: Front end or Front-end or Frontend?

New software terms and product names are being added to our vocabulary every day, and there's no dictionary or standard document to tell us how to write them. That confusion is the reason I decided to start writing a guide.