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James Sugrue10/01/13
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Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example

The book is in an ideal format for someone new to Eclipse. If I was starting up a new team of developers building RCP products, I would have them all read this book.

Michael Schnell09/18/13
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EclipseLink: How to get the SQL translated with the arguments for a Query?

To get the SQL translated with the arguments you need a DatabaseRecord with the parameter values

Wayne Beaton09/13/13
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Committer Bootcamp at EclipseCon Europe 2013

I’ll be sharing the stage with my colleagues Denis Roy and Sharon Corbett to deliver the first ever Eclipse Committer Bootcamp.

Wayne Beaton09/09/13
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Eclipse Projects Calling Home

In July, I opened Bug 413169 to start a discussion regarding the creation of a “call home” policy for Eclipse projects.

Thomas Kratz09/02/13
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From Hibernate to MongoDB - Part 2

See what issues and solutions this developer ran into when he decided to switch to another approach with EclipseLink, which has JPA/MongoDB support too.

Mitch Pronschinske09/02/13
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2 Minute Tutorial on CloudBees Eclipse Toolkit v2

The CloudBees Eclipse Toolkit v2 allows you to create and run complete cloud-based continuous integration and deployment projects, all within Eclipse and in less than two minutes.

Thomas Kratz09/02/13
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From Hibernate to MongoDB, Part 1

Hear about one developer's working proof of concept for changing his persistence layer from Hibernate/Hibernate Search to MongoDB.

Wayne Beaton08/30/13
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Eclipse Development Process 2014

One of my tasks for this quarter is to deliver a draft of an update to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP) to the Eclipse Architecture Council for their review. The process that we follow is to open bugs against Community/Architecture Council (prefixed with [EDP]), discuss them, and then incorporate the discussion into the new version of the EDP.

Francesco Guidieri08/23/13
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The Internet of Things @ Eclipse

The goal of the Eclipse M2M Working Group is to make it easy for software developers to create M2M applications that are based on open standards and open source technology.

Thomas Kratz08/22/13
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RAP, OSGi & HibernateSearch Infinispan Cluster

While trying to setup Hibernate search on an Infinspan cluster for my RAP application I came across another "Hibernate doesn't like OSGi" oddity...

Blaise Doughan08/06/13
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EclipseLink MOXy and the Java API for JSON Processing - Object Model APIs

In this post, Blaise Doughan will demonstrate the initial JSR-353 support we have added to MOXy's JSON binding in EclipseLink 2.6.

Markus Eisele08/02/13
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Two TCKs for Eclipse - What is really in it for Open Source?

What does look like a simple and honest gift on first sight actually has more aspects in it. But lets start at the beginning

Lukas Eder07/24/13
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Nice Tutorial for Creating an External DSL with Xtext

As an external DSL does not depend on any host language (e.g. Java), it can be much richer in syntax and expressivity.

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 21)

Witness the 10 most epic design failures, check out all the best humorous lorem ipsum generators, get some performance lessons from Facebook, and hear a programmer's review of VisualStudio vs. Eclipse. Plus read a huge research overview of why mobile apps are so slow and hear about the new pure-JavaScript database.

Mark Cloudeways07/21/13
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PHP Cloud Hosting

PHP is known as hypertext preprocessor, it is a scripting language that runs on a web server and is used a lot in order to create dynamic web pages. What is the use of PHP? Can’t a website run perfectly of HTML and CSS? Well PHP is used to add functionality...