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Axel Rauschmayer08/23/09
7 replies

Five Cool Features of Eclipse 3.5

(1) Block selection mode: works for cut, copy, and paste.

Shyam Seshadri08/19/09
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Fast Javascript Testing

Before I jump into how exactly you can perform super fast and easy JS testing, let me give you some background on the problem.

Patrick Paulin08/18/09
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Adding Eclipse IDE Menu Options to Your RCP Applications

One of the many things that Eclipse RCP provides is a set of standard menu options that are used by the Eclipse IDE itself. These include standard menu options such as Exit, Save, Cut/Copy/Paste, but also workbench specific options such as Reset Perspective...

James Sugrue08/14/09
16 replies

Making the Right Choice For Your User Interface

Among developers, the decision of what user interface technology to use is always a biased one. I, as an Eclipse enthusiast, will almost always go for an Eclipse RCP based application. I'll say that it's faster to develop, I know the technology quite well and...

Patrick Paulin08/14/09
2 replies

Book Review: Practical Eclipse Rich Client Platform Projects

There aren’t many books available about the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. One reason for this, I think, is that it’s a difficult subject to cover effectively. Eclipse RCP is less a coherent framework than an aggregation of related technologies, and this...

James Sugrue08/14/09
0 replies

Debug JavaScript From Eclipse With ChromeDevTools

Google have just released ChromeDevTools, which enables developers to debug JavaScript for the Chrome browser from Eclipse.  The project comprises:

Lynn Gayowski08/12/09
1 replies

e4 Webinars

The e4 team is coming together to present 2 webinars on August 18 and August 26. Version 0.9 was just released at the end of July so what better way to show off the committers' hard work? We want to get your feedback on e4, so the webinars are a quick and...

Wayne Beaton08/12/09
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Eclipse Summit Europe Submission Deadline Approaches…

Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 will be held again this year in beautiful Ludwigsburg, Germany on October 27-29. The deadline to submit your proposals is August 18th. That date is not very far away. I encourage you to submit a proposal about your project (and...

Nitin Bharti08/11/09
48 replies

VMWare to Acquire SpringSource for $362 Million

Virtualization infrastructure provider VMware announced today that it will acquire SpringSource for approximately $362 million in cash and equity plus the assumption of approximately $58 million of unvested stock and options. The acquisition has been approved...

Wayne Beaton08/11/09
0 replies

“Wir Werden e4 in Helios Wiedersehen”, Part One

I thought I might publish the English version of an interview I did for the recent issue of Eclipse Magazin (with permission of the publisher, of course). The German version is a delightful bit of prose that my Mother now displays proudly. I was asked a total...

Prakash 08/07/09
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Remember the State

As a rule of thumb, your application should try to remember the state across sessions. So when a user hits the close button and then opens it after few mins/days, it should present exactly in the same way where he left. In this tip, I'm going to explain few...

Wayne Beaton08/06/09
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How to Contribute to Eclipse

With Bug 222105, Remy Suen has assembled an Eclipse Corner article describing how to contribute to Eclipse. An important part of contributing to an Eclipse project is actually obtaining the code for that project. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a...

Andres Almiray08/03/09
2 replies

Interview: meet the Groovy Eclipse v2 team

DZone caught up with the team responsible for the latest developments on the Groovy Eclipse plugin v2. Continue reading to know  more about Andrew Eisenberg, Andy Clement and the Groovy Eclipse plugin v2. Enjoy!

Ian Skerrett08/03/09
0 replies

e4 Webinars: Discover What is Possible With e4

The e4 team has published the first release of the e4 project.  This is an early alpha release that  allows the Eclipse community to start experimenting and exploring the e4 technology. To help you better understand what is possible with e4, we are running...

James Sugrue07/30/09
8 replies

e4 - The Future is Almost Here

We're getting closer to the 0.9 release of e4, a major milestone in the future of Eclipse, and maybe all desktop applications. In this article, I'd like to give a summary of what e4 is all about.A Reason For Change Mike Wilson has covered e4 in his latest...