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Patrick Paulin07/14/09
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Configuring RCP Applications With Pax ConfMan

Most applications require configuration settings. Applications are often deployed in multiple environments (dev, test, prod, etc) and these environments often require different runtime configurations. Also, it’s useful to be able to update an application...

Peter Friese07/13/09
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Getting Started with Xtext Part 2

Last week, I showed you how easy it is to create a DSL with Xtext. In this installment, we will have a look at how to leverage the models created with the DSL. Goal Let's imagine we want to create an application for orders. People can sign in to the system,...

James Sugrue07/10/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: ECF and Distributed OSGi

The next project in my series interviews around the Eclipse Galileo release is ECF. I spoke with Scott Lewis, project lead, to discuss the ECF project, and...
Zviki Cohen07/08/09
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Ten Tips for Installing Plugins in Eclipse Galileo

Eclipse Galileo (3.5) has a shiny new plugin installation dialog box. In fact, the whole process went through a complete re-factoring.

James Sugrue07/08/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: Creating DSLs With Xtext

The next project that we're focussing on in our Galileo podcast series is Xtext . I met Sven Efftinge who works with itemis and leads the Xtext project. We...
James Sugrue07/06/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: Rich Ajax Platform

In the next part of our series of interviews with the people behind of some of the projects on the Galileo release train, I talk with Jochen Krause, the...
Tom Schindl07/03/09
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E4 – A New Area For RCP/RIA Applications

I’m on the road to prepare my example for the E4 talk I’m delivering on the Eclipse-Developers-Day in Karlsruhe and I have to say that in my eyes E4 is going to open up a new world for Eclipse-RCP-Developers.

James Sugrue07/01/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: CDO with Eike Stepper and Ed Merks

As part of the Galileo podcast series, I had a chat with Eike Stepper, lead of the CDO Model Repository project, with special guest Ed Merks - the lead of the...
Axel Rauschmayer07/01/09
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Eclipse e4 is Getting Interesting

I initially was very sceptical of Eclipse E4: in a lot of ways it smelled like design by committee. Eclipse's main problem has always been its heavy coding style (factories everywhere, downcasts, code snippets that expose the innards of the platform,...

Peter Friese06/30/09
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Getting Started with Xtext

Xtext has been released as a part of the Eclipse Galileo release train on June 24th, 2009. Xtext is a framework for building DLSs (domain specific languages). In fact, it can be seen as a DSL for defining DSLs. In this article, we will develop a small DSL...

Ian Skerrett06/29/09
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Eclipse Freshman Project #8: Riena

Riena is number 8 in my series of project that are new to the release train.  Christian Campo is the Riena project leader. What does your project do?

Tom Schindl06/29/09
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Eclipse-Databinding 3.5 for GWT

I’m a big fan of GWT but one of the real pain points when developing GWT applications is that there’s no databinding framework available to synchronize your domain objects and UI-Widgets. As many of you know I’m an even bigger fan of...

Tom Schindl06/28/09
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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 5

Though the main focus of this article is going to be the usage of the properties API to setup a TableViewer there are some important parts I didn’t explain in Part 4 of this series, so this is Using the Properties API in Master Detail continued.

James Sugrue06/26/09
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Galileo Podcast Series: Improvements to PDE for OSGi Tooling

In the first of our series Galileo release podcasts, we meet Chris Aniszczyk to discuss the improvements made to PDE, the Plug-in Development Environment, for...
Prakash 06/26/09
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Keyboard Accessibility Through Command Framework

Keyboard shortcuts is usually much speedier than reaching out your mouse, moving it, pointing it to something and clicking. But there are some things which cannot be done that easily by keyboard shortcuts. For me, one of them is finding out a closed project...