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Ian Skerrett05/28/09
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Top 6 Insights From the Eclipse Community Survey

We have just published the results from the Eclipse community survey.  The results are pretty insightful and opened my eyes to some things I didn’t know about the Eclipse community.   A complete report, called the Open Source Developer Report, is...

Patrick Paulin05/27/09
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Let’s Rename Eclipse RCP

I love Eclipse RCP. I’ve devoted the last 6 years of my life to developing with RCP as well as teaching it to others. In my opinion it’s one of the most important (and underused) technologies for developing UI applications. Having said all that, the name...

Ian Skerrett05/27/09
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Launch Plans for Galileo

The Galileo Release is just four short weeks away; June 24 is the big day.   Every year we put together a launch program to help promote the release, this year being no different.  I thought it might be useful to summarize what we are planning.  Feel free...

Greg Wilkins05/26/09
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Roadmap for Jetty-6, Jetty-7 and Jetty-8

This blog updates the roadmap for jetty-6, jetty-7 and jetty-8 with the latest plans resulting from the move to the Eclipse Foundation and the delay in the servlet-3.0 specification. Previously it was intended that jetty-7 was going to be servlet-3.0, but...

Kai Tödter05/26/09
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e4 Contacts Demo

Recently I contributed my e4 contacts demo to the e4 (e4 = Eclipse 4) cvs repository. Goal of the demo is to give good examples for e4 RCP related topics, like CSS based styling and themingModeling the application UI skeleton (menu, toolbar, parts, commands,...

Wayne Beaton05/25/09
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Get the Band Back Together

In my many years as a consultant (prior to my start here at the Eclipse Foundation), I worked with more organizations that I can reasonably count. My feeling is that I have provided a lot of value to the groups that I’ve worked with. Depressingly, though, I...

Prakash 05/25/09
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Badge Label on Mac Dock Icon

I'm passionate on both Mac and Eclipse. Although Eclipse runs well on a Mac, its not a marriage made in heaven. Its really hard to get the complete Mac experience with a portable UI tool kit. If you think of features like this one, its actually endless list....

Ian Skerrett05/22/09
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Friends Get It Sooner and Faster

Friends of Eclipse is a special program that allows you to help the Eclipse Foundation provide services to the Eclipse community.  Everyone that makes a donation of US$35 or more receives special ‘Friends’ benefits.  One of these benefits is access to...

Wayne Beaton05/20/09
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Calling All Mac/Eclipse Enthusiasts

Attention all Mac owners! We need your help to test the now-complete Cocoa port of SWT. The SWT team has been working hard on the SWT Cocoa port and they’ve marked the plan item as completed. Current testing indicates that it’s looking very good, but we...

Prakash 05/18/09
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Creating a Custom Property View

In an RCP application, you might need a Properties View, which shows only the properties of a specific view or a set of views. But the generic Properties View will show from all the other views that support it. Armed up with the knowledge of how a...

James Sugrue05/15/09
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Five Reasons To Be Excited About the Eclipse Ecosystem

As a developer who depends on the Eclipse platform daily, there are a number of projects that I couldn't do without in the Eclipse eco-system. I'm not talking about plugins that I use to help me in the development process - I'll do a list of them some other...

Prakash 05/15/09
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How to Create a PageBookView

Think of Properties View. It displays the properties of the selected element in the active part. Whenever the selection changes or the active part changes, it tracks them and displays the properties (unless you used the 'Pin to selection' feature available...

Wayne Beaton05/14/09
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Wayne's New Job

It’s been a busy last few weeks. I wrapped up the month of April with a great trip to Mainz, Germany for the Eclipse Forum Europe conference followed by a quick hop to Istanbul, Turkey for EclipsIST. Both are great shows that I intend to attend again in the...

Rob Williams05/13/09
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Aspects and a Few Language Musings

I wanted to write some code for generating events when properties on certain key entities change. Of course, we all know that there was nascent support for propertyChangeListeners in the ‘bean‘ code way back to the beginning of Java time. In general,...

Prakash 05/12/09
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Sheet Support in SWT

For those who have downloaded 3.5 M7 would have seen Sheets support has been added to SWT and Platform UI has used the API wherever applicable. For those who are wondering what a Sheet means, its an eye-candy in Mac. Here is a sample of a MessageDialog...