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Ian Skerrett06/18/09
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Galileo Freshman Project #2: PDT

Next up in my series of projects new to the release train is PDT.  PDT isn’t really a new project but this is the first time it has joined the release train.  They have also created a new PHP package that is currently the second most popular RC4 package...

Lynn Gayowski06/17/09
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Join the Eclipse Galileo Blogathon

The Eclipse Foundation wants to hear what you think of the Eclipse projects that are being released as part of Galileo. We will give you a Friend of Eclipse membership or an Eclipse shirt for writing a review. One lucky winner will...

Tom Schindl06/17/09
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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Using the Properties API in Master Detail

In the last blog entry we saw how to set up a the left part of our example application which is a JFace-TreeViewer. This blog article deals with the upper right part of the application

Ian Skerrett06/17/09
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Galileo Freshman Project #1: Xtext

This year we have 10 new projects joining the Galileo release train.  I thought it might be interesting to highlight some of these new projects in a quick Q&A with the project leaders. The first project is XText, a project in the Eclipse Modeling...

Rajesh Kumar06/16/09
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How to Add a Toggle Breakpoint Option in Popup Menu of WST Editor

This problem is a little tricky if your custom editor is extending the WST editor. By default, the WST editor popup menu doesn’t contain the toggle breakpoint option as compared to the Java Editor. You can compare the popup menus shown by these two editors...

Peter Friese06/15/09
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Noisy DSLs

I recently came across some DSLs which had some defects. Let's look at a sample I quickly hacked together with Xtext: Here are two recommendations I'd like to give when designing a textual DSL:

Wayne Beaton06/11/09
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Galileo Release Reviews

Today we held the big review call for projects included in the Galileo release. One of the interesting things that came out in the call is that the number of project reviews appears at odds with the number of projects listed in the Projects section on the...

Peter Friese06/10/09
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Following Eclipse Milestones

With the Galileo Release coming up, you might find yourself having a hard time updating to the latest milestones AND keeping your favorite plug-ins up-to-date. Did you know that you can migrate your additional plug-ins from one Eclipse install to another one?...

Tom Schindl06/10/09
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Setting up a TreeViewer with EMF-Databinding

With this article we are starting to write our RCP-Application which uses Eclipse-Databinding. I’m not going into detail how you create an RCP-Application (I simply use the PDE-Wizard) but assume that you are familiar with this kind of thing. Still I’d...

Christoph Mayerhofer06/09/09
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ReviewClipse - Supporting Agile Code-Reviews Within the Eclipse IDE

Code reviews enhance software quality, so they should always be a part of our daily work. In the following article I will present an Eclipse integrated code review plug-in, developed at the Vienna University of Technology and presented at the EclipseCon 2009.

Tom Schindl06/09/09
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Galileo: EMF-Databinding – Part 2 - Introducing the New Properties API

 In 3.5 Eclipse-Databinding introduces a new API which should be used in favor of the 3.4 EMFObservables-Factory because it provides many features who couldn’t be provided by the old API (e.g. the new API provides you with the possibility to observe nested...

Tom Schindl06/08/09
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Galileo: Improved EMF-Databinding-Support

I’m happy to announce that EMF-2.5 will come along with support for the brand new Eclipse-Databinding API coming with Eclipse-Galileo. A big kudos goes to Matthew Hall who reviewed my patches and helped me shapeing the support and it’s documentation (more...

Wayne Beaton06/08/09
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Developing Community

My JavaOne encounter has caused me to think a lot lately about developing community around open source projects. Here’s a good rule of thumb if you want to develop a community around you’re open source project: don’t call your potential future users...

Ian Skerrett06/05/09
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JavaOne 2009 Recap

JavaOne 2009 is winding down.  This year the conference had a more somber feel.  It was really hard to pick up any energy about a new trend or technology.  The main question on people’s mind was ‘What is Oracle going to do?’.

Geertjan Wielenga06/04/09
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Interview: Ludovic Champenois on GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse 1.0

At JavaOne, I did a quick interview with Ludovic Champenois on the GlassFish support for Eclipse. Ludo is a GlassFish architect working on tools integration, first for NetBeans IDE and now also for Eclipse. The 0.9 release of GlassFish support for Eclipse was...