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Mitch Pronschinske04/30/13
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Java EE 7 Approved!

Java EE 7 is officially done as of this week. Linda DeMichiel just announced on the Oracle blog that the Java EE 7 Platform JSR, as well as the more compact Web Profile JSR for this EE version, have both been approved by the Java Community Process.

Dan Haywood04/30/13
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m2eclipse Doxia editor

Just rebuilding Eclipse and thought I’d upgrade to the latest version of m2eclipse. However, it would seem like the latest version has dropped support for the Doxia editor (used for editing APT files)

Jim Bird04/22/13
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Architecture-Breaking Bugs – when a Dreamliner Becomes a Nightmare

The history of computer systems is also the history of bugs, including epic, disastrous bugs that have caused millions of $ in damage and destruction and even death, as well as many other less spectacular but expensive system and project failures.

Blaise Doughan04/21/13
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Customizing EclipseLink JPA-RS Messages with MOXy

Since JPA-RS leverages MOXy for its XML and JSON binding we can use MOXy to customize the messages. In this post I will demonstrate how this is done.

Blaise Doughan04/20/13
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Introducing EclipseLink JPA-RS

EclipseLink contains a component called JPA-RS that can be used to easily and automatically expose a persistence unit as RESTful service (that supports XML and JSON messages).

Erich Styger04/20/13
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Show it Again! (How to Re-enable Hidden Dialogs in Eclipse)

Eclipse has a nice feature to ‘shut up’ dialogs: In many dialogs I can select an option so that dialog does not show up again:

Nick Johnson04/16/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Fountain Codes (from "Damn Cool Algorithms")

Today's subject is Fountain Codes, otherwise known as "rateless codes". A fountain code is a way to take some data - a file, for example - and transform it into an effectively unlimited number of encoded chunks, such that you can reassemble the original file given any subset of those chunks...

Dan Haywood04/10/13
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Eclipse Tips: Using the Source Menu

Everyone knows – or at least suspects – that most of the Eclipse goodies live under the Refactoring menu. However, there’s also a lot of goodness under the Source menu too.

Wayne Beaton04/05/13
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Eclipse at GitHub

Almost all Eclipse Git repositories are mirrored at GitHub. The mirrors were initially set up two years ago by the nice folks at GitHub with relatively little input from us.

Henri Bergius04/02/13
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My Development Setup... Working with an Android Tablet!

If Mark O'Connor was able to work productively a whole year with one, why couldn't I? This will be a definitive post on harnessing full tablet productivity when coding.

Wayne Beaton04/01/13
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The Great Git Experiment

While many projects have claimed success with Git, a great many projects and developers continue to struggle with its adoption

Dan Haywood03/30/13
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Eclipse Tips: Quick Fix to Generate Code

Here’s another in my nascent series of quick tips for Eclipse. This one shows how you can use Eclipse’s quick fix feature (ctrl+1) to quickly generate code.

Achala Chathura...03/29/13
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How to Validate WSDLs with Eclipse

A simple trick that will save a lot of time and detect errors. Add the necessary resources which you need to validate first.

Mitch Pronschinske03/25/13
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Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI)

Today Tasktop is a kicking off an effort to bootstrap the SLI discipline, with a series of whitepapers discussing the technical architecture, common data model, and technical tools. We are proposing the Eclipse Mylyn m4 open source project as a home for collaborating on a de facto implementation of SLI.

Dan Haywood03/23/13
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Eclipse Tips: Extract Local Variable

I'm starting a new series with some Eclipse tips that help with productivity. The first one in the series is nice and simple: the “Extract Local Variable” refactoring, and its corollary, “Inline Variable”;