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Matt Raible02/11/09
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Testing GWT Applications

Last week, I did some research on GWT, how to test it and code coverage options for tests that extend GWTTestCase. The reason I did this is because I've found that most of the GWT tests I write have to extend GWTTestCase and I'd like to have code coverage...

Nitin Bharti02/10/09
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Meet This Year's Top Ambassador Nominees

The Eclipse Awards Season is in full swing this month, with voting open for the Individual Eclipse Community Awards. DZone interviewed each of the nominees for the awards, to give you a little background before you decide to vote. Throughout this week on...

Kai Tödter02/10/09
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WebStarting Equinox OSGi Apps

Java WebStart is a nice and easy way of deploying Java applications with one click from the web. In this blog I describe how to webstart an OSGi (Equinox) based application using Eclipse as IDE. First you develop your OSGi bundles as usual, to run your...

Murat Yener02/09/09
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Real World Eclipse Plugins in Two Minutes..

During a job interview if anyone asks you which IDE would you prefer, most probably your reply would be eclipse. If you are asked why, then like anyone who is at least a moderate level developer you would answer how eclipse is extensible, how it supports...

James Sugrue02/05/09
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Behind The Scenes: The WireframeSketcher Plug-in

The Eclipse eco-system has proven itself to be a breeding ground for innovation. We're starting to see some top quality plugins being provided for the IDE, allowing us to do more in the comfort of Eclipse. When Petru submitted his announcement about...

Benjamin Cabe02/04/09
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Equinox p2: Large Scale Deployment

Last year's Eclipse release (Ganymede) came with a new provisioning platform called p2. For years, Eclipse has been shipped along with a component called the "Update Manager", which allowed users to easily update their Eclipse installations....

Kirk Knoernschild02/03/09
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OSGi and Embedded Jetty

There are two approaches to working with OSGi when developing web applications : embedding OSGi into the application server, or embedding the application server into an OSGi runtime. In this post, I’m going to embed Jetty, the application server, into...

Wayne Beaton02/03/09
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EclipseCon BoFs

If my math skills are up to scratch (and I’m pretty confident they are), we have 72 slots for “birds of a feather” (BoF) sessions at EclipseCon this year. Realistically, we’ll probably lose a few of those slots as we get closer to the big event. As...

David Green02/02/09
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Eclipse: Hitting A Breakpoint After The Fact

Ever wonder how to hit a breakpoint after you've passed it? You can do this with the Eclipse Java debugger. Here's how I do it:

James Sugrue01/30/09
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Happy Birthday to the Eclipse Foundation

This week the Eclipse Foundation celebrated it's fifth year in existence. We’re all pretty familiar with Eclipse as an IDE, a platform, or a set of frameworks. But to truly appreciate Eclipse and the community, it’s important to understand a little about...

David Orme01/30/09
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E4 - An End-to-End Cloud Computing Platform

Eclipse and Android have a long history of playing nicely together. So it was only natural that I would buy an Android phone (since ERCP wasn't available when I was looking). I was expecting good things. But I wasn't expecting to be blown away by Android's...

Arul Kumaran01/30/09
4 replies

Job Hunting Tips in Tough Times

Job hunting can be emotionally exhausting, especially if the search lasts for a long time. You can increase your chances of finding a job by casting a wide net, writing an effective resume, practicing your interview technique, and brushing up the...

David Green01/29/09
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Working With Patches and CVS

Many contributions to Eclipse projects start as a patch. Patches are great because they can encompass changes to multiple files and make it easy to collaborate with others. Anyone can make a patch, so contributors don't need commit privileges to participate....

Prakash 01/29/09
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Top 10 Mistakes in Eclipse Plugin Development

Having trained a lot of new comers to the Eclipse plug-in development, I've seen certain common mistakes repeated all the time. I've tried to compile a top 10 list of such common mistakes, so next time you hit them, you will know that you are not alone...

James Sugrue01/28/09
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Eclipse Community Awards - Have You Nominated?

This year's Eclipse Community Awards will be presented at EclipseCon 2008 on March 23rd. If you still haven't had time to nominate someone you think is deserving of an award, now is the time - the deadline is this Friday, January 30. Before we hit the...