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Ian Skerrett10/31/08
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A Tools Platform for Cloud Computing

Earlier this week Tim O’Reilly published one of those famous ‘O”Reillian’ essays that I think people we reference over the years, called ‘Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing‘. O’Reilly breaks down the cloud computing landscape into three categories: 1)...

Moritz Post10/29/08
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Performance Testing RAP on the Cloud

A recurring question in the RAP community is, "How good is the performance of my RAP application"?

Ed Merks10/26/08
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Hand-written and Generated Code: Never the Twain Shall Meet

There are many tools these days that generate code. Before writing such a tool, stop to consider if you really should be generating code in the first place. After all, you're generating code from a model---you might not think of it as a model, but that's what...

Prakash 10/25/08
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ArrayContentProvider - A default implementation for IStructuredContentProvider

Today I discovered that JFace provides a nice default implementation for the IStructuredContentProvider - the org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ArrayContentProvider class. Most of the time, the input to a ListViewer will be either an array of objects or List of...

Annamalai Chock...10/20/08
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Generating Array Accessors in EMF

Have you ever tried to generate References or variable with multiplicity more than 1? Eclipse being an OOPs follower would always generate a List containing a list of References or Datatypes. But if you are an Array Lover, How do you generate an Array...

Dimitri Missoh10/20/08
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Programmatically split an editor area to show two editors side by side.

Last time a workmate of mine asked me if it is possible, to programmatically split the editor area of an eclipse RCP application.We all know that if you have two editors opened in the workbench, you can drag one of the editors and drop it in one of the...

Annamalai Chock...10/20/08
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Form a Community to be Well Formed ... Be on EclipseZone !!

Malai here. First I'd like to thank the community for accepting me as a Zone Leader, and to DZone for considering me to take up this assignment for EclipseZone and finally James for giving me such a warm welcome into DZone Community.

James Sugrue10/20/08
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Making OSGi Easier: SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository

SpringSource have just released the Enterprise Bundle Repository for OSGi, an ambitious collection of OSGi ready bundles of some of the most popular libraries around. Who better to find out more from than Rod Johnson. This initiative from SpringSource could...

Prakash 10/15/08
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Adding Color and Font preferences

You had that nice looking editors and views. You loved the button color and the geeky font. But your boss didn't. Solution? Put a preference so that the user can choose which ever he likes ;-)

Marton Sigmond10/14/08
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NetBeans vs. Eclipse RCP: Plugin Mechanism Comparison

NetBeans and Eclipse approaches extension points and extensions differently. Let us see what these differences are.Please note, that this article is meant for those who already have suitable knowledge on both platform's plugin mechanisms.NetBeans Platform:...

Rob Williams10/09/08
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First Blush Doing Plugin Development in Years

I had a long post I was doing here, but Safari start dribbling all over itself, choking the CPU to death, so I killed it (not thinking I was flushing a pretty much fully baked piece (guess it‘s time to start using some software instead of this browser...

Slim Ouertani10/08/08
3 replies

Service Factory and OSGI Logging Proposal

I've been doing some thinking lately about how can we log different bundles  or the same bundle with different versions with different log level.   Logging is an important part of any application thus Osgi gives developers logService to use when possible,...

Alex Ruiz10/07/08
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Using Mylyn with Google Code - Updated for Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)

The instructions I previously posted to set up Mylyn to work with Google Code do not seem to work with Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede).

Nitin Bharti10/06/08
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JVM Language Summit 2008 Report

Thoughtworker and DZone MVB blogger Ola Bini recently attended and blogged from the JVM Language Summit that took place in Santa Clara, California last month. The JVM Summit is a three day event organized by Sun Microsystems, bringing together some of the...