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James Sugrue09/10/08
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Catching Up With SpringSource

There have been quite a few SpringSource developments over the last few weeks. To get a summary of the recent announcements and to see what we can expect from SpringSource for the next few months including Spring 3.0, I met with Peter-Cooper Ellis, vice...

David Green09/03/08
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Beyond Rich Text: Tricks Using SourceViewer, Annotations and AnnotationPainter

An SWT StyledText can display text attributes such as bold, italic and strikethrough, alter colors and fonts. What are we to do when we need to go beyond rich text formatting? In this article we present three simple tricks using standard SWT and JFace APIs to...

Schalk Neethling09/01/08
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Advanced JavaScript Development With MyEclipse 7 M1

The first milestone release of the MyEclipse IDE 7 was recently released to the public and one of the new enhanced features was the increased tooling support for JavaScript development. Last week Genuitec ran a webinar that explored the various enhancements...

James Sugrue08/28/08
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Eclipse Enters Into The Enterprise Arena

With more people realising the power of Eclipse as a Rich Client Platform, it is natural to expect things to move on to the next level. That next level is Enterprise Applications with a typical scenario involving multi-tiered platforms with a strong emphasis...

Schalk Neethling08/25/08
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Making GWT Remote Procedure Calls

GWT enables client applications to communicate with server resources through its own RPC and object-serialization mechanism. This communication process involves each side of the conversation implementing a very straightforward GWT service interface...

Max Katz08/25/08
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An Introduction To JBoss RichFaces

This tutorial article will give a very quick introduction to JBoss RichFaces. Instead of just listing features, we are going to briefly define RichFaces and then dive right into an actual step-by-step example. In this example, we are going to go beyond the...

Ian Skerrett08/25/08
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Eclipse Conference Season

As we near the end of summer, conference season seems to be starting and there are a number of Eclipse conferences being organized.The producers of the successful JAX conferences in Europe are starting a new Java and Eclipse oriented conference in San Jose,...

Nitin Bharti08/21/08
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Tech Chat - Sacha Labourey on JBoss AS 5

DZone recently sat down with Sacha Labourey, CTO of Red Hat Middleware, to discuss the upcoming release of JBoss Application Server (AS) 5. In this...

Zviki Cohen08/18/08
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The Best JSP/Struts/JSF Development Tool Is Now Free

My previous project was based on Struts 1.x. With Struts, it was always a love-hate relationships. On one end, it was elegant and it turned some of the HTML/JavaScript work into Java work, which is a plus if you're a Java developer. On the other hand it...

Sandip Chitale08/18/08
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PathTools : Simple Yet Useful Eclipse Plug-in

In this article we develop a simple yet useful Eclipse plug-in PathTools.  The plug-in adds the following three actions to Eclipse.CopyPath - this action copies the fully qualified path of selected folders and files into the Clipboard.

Robert Elves08/05/08
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Tasktop for Eclipse - Get More out of Mylyn

The Tasktop Plug-ins for Eclipse extend the capabilities of Eclipse Mylyn to other aspects of the developer's workweek. In this article we take a brief look at the core benefits of Mylyn and introduce the Tasktop extensions for streamlining time reporting,...

Jay Liang07/24/08
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Simulate Subversion Commit Email Hook on the Client Side

If you use Subversion, you probably know that you can enable a commit email hook on the server. Then you can configure svn to send emails out on every commit.

Zviki Cohen07/23/08
7 replies

Gracefully Loading a Heavy Plugin

Here's the challenge: I have a plug-in which may take more than a few seconds to load. That's not a problem if the plug-in is loaded when the platform starts since the user waits for platform to load anyway. However, if the plug-in is loaded on-demand, after...

Jay Liang07/23/08
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Useful Eclipse Code Templates

Eclipse's Java editor allows you to define code templates. You can use them to code complete things that you type all the time, such as get logger, logger.debug, etc. Go to Windows->Preferences->Java->Editor->Templates , and put in the following...

Herman Lintvelt07/21/08
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Adding SWT Input Validation the Easy Way

Any input provided by a user in a GUI application must typically be validated in one way or another. There is a number of ways this gets done, while some applications have just ignored the matter altogether. When crafting an Eclipse RCP application, there are...