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Patrick Paulin12/19/08
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Making Music With Eclipse RCP

I’m always on the lookout for Eclipse Rich Client Platform applications that push boundaries. RCP is much too often associated with the Eclipse IDE itself, and this leads us to think that RCP applications need to be IDE-like. But there are many more uses to...

Manuel Selva12/19/08
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From Persistency Questions To EMF …

This week I finally decided to step in EMF. 2 years after starting Eclipse development …. French people will say here “Mieux vaut tard que jamais“Here is the story …In a custom view built on top of Draw2D  providing embedded C profiling informations...

Prakash 12/18/08
4 replies

ListenerList - a Better Way to Manage Your Event Listeners

You have published a listener interface and have a place where your clients register their listeners. There you typically code like this:

James Sugrue12/17/08
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Project Jigsaw - Putting Together the Pieces for Java 7

When I read about Project Jigsaw recently, the resurrection of the plan to modularize the JDK and follow OSGi I was between two minds about it. But the main thing is that this is great news - of course we should try and continue to improve the JDK and...

Wayne Beaton12/17/08
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Getting to Know EBERT

The Eclipse Examples Project has a 0.1 release review scheduled for next Tuesday (December 23). For this review, there are two components: The Eclipse Business Expense Reporting Tool (EBERT) and Image Utilities. I’ll defer discussion of Image Utilities for...

Lynn Gayowski12/17/08
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EclipseCon 2009 Program Announced

The technical program for EclipseCon 2009 has been selected and is now available on the conference web site. The number and quality of submissions received continues to increase each year, so the job of the program committee is always very difficult. Thanks...

Patrick Paulin12/16/08
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Perspective Layouts - Programmatic vs Declarative

One issue that developers new to RCP face is whether to add UI elements programmatically or declaratively. In my experience, most initially choose the programmatic approach because it seems more familiar. You know, why mess with extension points when you can...

Meera Subbarao12/16/08
3 replies

2008: A Developer's Retrospective

 I have been making New Year's resolutions for a long, long time. I don’t even remember when I actually started making them either. Yes, it has been so long. However, I never made resolutions which I couldn’t keep at all. I might have not succeeded in...

Vitaly Mikheev12/15/08
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Consistency Checks for Eclipse RCP Applications

The Eclipse Runtime enables you to create a well-formed modular architecture for Java applications. Each OSGi bundle has a unique name space and explicitly declares the imported/exported packages, and the Runtime enforces these rules. PitfallsHowever,...

David Green12/12/08
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Mylyn Context-Driven Domain Diagram

Lately I've been working on some large legacy modernization projects with MAKE's MDD tooling. These projects have upwards of 400 entities in their domain (read: minimum 400 database tables). With such a large application domain it's common to have large,...

Prakash 12/11/08
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What's Cooking in M4?

3.5 M4 will be out soon. There are numerous bugs & enhancements that got fixed in this build. Here are my favourites:Customize perspective dialog:The customize perspective dialog was there earlier, but it allowed the user only to customize Shortcuts and...

Lynn Gayowski12/10/08
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Nominations Open for the Eclipse Community Awards 2009

The Eclipse Community Awards are an annual event designed to show appreciation to individuals and technologies that make Eclipse a stronger community. There are two categories of awards - individual and technology. The Eclipse Foundation is now accepting...

Ian Skerrett12/10/08
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Recap of Eclipse Banking Day

The Eclipse Banking Day in NYC finished up as a great success.  We had approximately 75 people in attendance; representing 14 different financial institutions and 10 ISVs that target the financial industry.  I really enjoyed the format of having presenters...

Schalk Neethling12/10/08
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MyEclipse 7 Released, 7 Licenses for DZone Members!

Genuitec, LLC, announced today the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0.  The new release, built upon Eclipse 3.4.1/Ganymede, delivers the most comprehensive environment for Ajax and Web Services in the Eclipse space.

Ekkehard Gentz12/09/08
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Properties in OSGi Declarative Services and ServiceTracker

As proposed in my last blog "Dependencies and Services in OSGI Enterprise Applications" it seems that a new blog series was started ;-)