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Nitin Bharti08/21/08
1 replies

Tech Chat - Sacha Labourey on JBoss AS 5

DZone recently sat down with Sacha Labourey, CTO of Red Hat Middleware, to discuss the upcoming release of JBoss Application Server (AS) 5. In this...

Zviki Cohen08/18/08
6 replies

The Best JSP/Struts/JSF Development Tool Is Now Free

My previous project was based on Struts 1.x. With Struts, it was always a love-hate relationships. On one end, it was elegant and it turned some of the HTML/JavaScript work into Java work, which is a plus if you're a Java developer. On the other hand it...

Sandip Chitale08/18/08
12 replies

PathTools : Simple Yet Useful Eclipse Plug-in

In this article we develop a simple yet useful Eclipse plug-in PathTools.  The plug-in adds the following three actions to Eclipse.CopyPath - this action copies the fully qualified path of selected folders and files into the Clipboard.

Robert Elves08/05/08
0 replies

Tasktop for Eclipse - Get More out of Mylyn

The Tasktop Plug-ins for Eclipse extend the capabilities of Eclipse Mylyn to other aspects of the developer's workweek. In this article we take a brief look at the core benefits of Mylyn and introduce the Tasktop extensions for streamlining time reporting,...

Jay Liang07/24/08
1 replies

Simulate Subversion Commit Email Hook on the Client Side

If you use Subversion, you probably know that you can enable a commit email hook on the server. Then you can configure svn to send emails out on every commit.

Zviki Cohen07/23/08
7 replies

Gracefully Loading a Heavy Plugin

Here's the challenge: I have a plug-in which may take more than a few seconds to load. That's not a problem if the plug-in is loaded when the platform starts since the user waits for platform to load anyway. However, if the plug-in is loaded on-demand, after...

Jay Liang07/23/08
19 replies

Useful Eclipse Code Templates

Eclipse's Java editor allows you to define code templates. You can use them to code complete things that you type all the time, such as get logger, logger.debug, etc. Go to Windows->Preferences->Java->Editor->Templates , and put in the following...

Herman Lintvelt07/21/08
1 replies

Adding SWT Input Validation the Easy Way

Any input provided by a user in a GUI application must typically be validated in one way or another. There is a number of ways this gets done, while some applications have just ignored the matter altogether. When crafting an Eclipse RCP application, there are...

James Sugrue07/16/08
1 replies

Take Your Eclipse Development One Step Further With Instantiations Tools

Instantiations just recently received the IBM Rational Software Validation for WindowBuilder Pro and have also been listed in the SD Times Top 100 Most Influential Software Companies. I caught up with Eric Clayberg, a co-founder, author of Eclipse: Building...

karthikeyan Cho...07/14/08
0 replies

Write A Struts 2 Action Class In 5 Minutes Using Annotations

This tutorial is a continuation of Setup web application using spring Struts 2 and Maven with Eclipse 3.3. The project structure is as shown in the below screenshot.

Doug Clarke07/10/08
5 replies

TopLink Makes Transition to Open Source

The Eclipse Persistence Services project (EclipseLink) has completed its incubation phase and the 1.0 release is available for download. This release completes the transition of the persistence functionality developed in Oracle TopLink to being fully...

Zviki Cohen07/09/08
26 replies

JProfiler: Your Java Code Could be Running Faster in Under Two Hours

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a position which is well known to any professional Java developer: my software was simply too slow. After tackling some obvious pain-points, I had to turn to help of a profiler. At the end of the day, I managed to cut...

Schalk Neethling07/04/08
0 replies

And the Winners Are... MyEclipse 6.5 License Winners

On 24 June 2008 Genuitec announced the availability of a new version of the MyEclipse IDE. Along with the announcement posted on the Web Builder Zone, Eclipse Zone, Ruby Zone, PHP Zone and Javalobby we launched a competition where 5 lucky DZone users could...

James Ervin07/01/08
1 replies

Notes from Eclipse Day at Googleplex

Before I go into any details, I want to say that the Google t-shirt that I got for attending was almost worth the airfare, hotel stay and car rental.  Man am I a cheap date or what?  Also I would be remiss if I didn't thank Robert Konigsberg and the rest of...

Schalk Neethling06/30/08
3 replies

BIRT 2.3 What's New And the Ganymede IDE for Java Report Developers

BIRT is a top level project through Eclipse and one of the most popular tools for designing and developing reports for business. Web Builder Zone Leader, Schalk Neethling, recently had an interview with BIRT evangelist Virgil Dodson with regards to the latest...