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James Sugrue01/12/09
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Equinox Refcard Now Available - An Interview With Jeff McAffer

DZone today launched the Equinox Refcard, covering everything that you need to know to get started on writing OSGi bundles for Equinox, Eclipse's OSGi implementation. The Refcard is written by the project's founder and co-leader, Jeff McAffer. I asked Jeff...

Schalk Neethling01/10/09
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Open Source : How Do You Stay Up To Date?

I Love the concepts and beliefs behind Open Source. I use Open Source libraries, applications etc. all the time. One of the things I have always found a challenge though, is knowing when a new release comes to be.

Wayne Beaton01/09/09
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The EclipseCon 2009 Emerging Technology Track

Bjorn and I represented the Emerging Technology track on the EclipseCon 2009 Programme Committee. Today, we recorded this short podcast discussing the track and some of the talks that you can expect to find at this year’s EclipseCon.

Kai Tödter01/09/09
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p2 Tip of the Week: How Do I Get My Feature Branding Back?

You may have noticed that feature brandings disappear if you get rid of all the update manager stuff and just use p2 (version 3.4.1). The solution to get the feature brandings back is quite simple: Deploy org.eclipse.update.configurator with your RCP...

Prakash 01/08/09
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Commands Part 2: Selection and Enablement of IHandlers

In the last tip, we saw that a Handler can be declared separately from a Command. This enables for multiple handler declarations for the same command. We can also customize when a handler is active and visible, thru plugin.xml itself. A handler that doesn't...

James Sugrue01/06/09
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My Technology Resolutions for 2009

It's that time of year where I try to decide what technologies I'm going to focus on for the next few months, a developer's new year resolutions. 2008 was a good year but I didn't get around to learning everything in depth (who does!). So here's my list of...

Tom Meier01/06/09
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Maven, Eclipse and Continuous Integration

One of the key factors in mixed Eclipse/PDE/Maven projects and the most difficult to set up is a working build system with Maven. Setting up a large Maven project with a working Eclipse/PDE build and non-Eclipse projects isn't easy and unfortunately there...

Prakash 01/05/09
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Commands Part 1: Actions Vs Commands

As you would have seen, there are two different ways to contributing to the Workbench: Actions and Commands. Although Commands are newer and advanced, I've always preferred using Actions, simply because of my comfort level in using them. Now that I've started...

Zviki Cohen01/05/09
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Fast-Start Eclipse for Testing and Debugging

During the development of my Eclipse plug-in (nWire) I had to test and fine-tune the behavior of the plug-ins upon startup. It's an annoying situation: you only have one shot for testing your code. If you want to retest, you have to stop and start over. This...

Nitin Bharti12/30/08
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The Nuts, Bolts and Springs of Distributed OSGi Applications

Using Spring with OSGi is a revolution in the application server environment. Spring gives you flexibility, OSGi gives you dynamicity, but complexity can...

David Orme12/29/08
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On Collecting Ideas for a Simplified Data Binding API

In my previous entry, I referred to Kai's blog where various community members wished for a simpler data binding API and asked for comments. This blog is intended to collect the various proposals I've seen for simplifying data binding into one place so we can...

Kai Tödter12/28/08
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Eclipse Databinding + Validation + Decoration

When it comes to databinding, a very common use case is to decorate form fields with little markers that indicate the state of the control. The following example explains how to do this with Eclipse databinding and JFace. Here is a screenshot:The code to...

Glenn Galang12/24/08
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Just In Time MapReduce with OSGi

A couple of years ago I was thrown into a team lead role where I was responsible for distributing workload across a number of developers. During the first few months I found that as the workload increased so did my issues whilst trying to increase the...

Manuel Selva12/23/08
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From Persistency Questions To EMF. Part 2

Today I had to add one attribute to my persistent filters describe in this previous post. Thanks to EMF I just added a new getter method in my filter interface with the “@model” tag in the method comment and regenerated all needed stuff and this new...

James Sugrue12/22/08
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EclipseZone's Top 10 Articles of 2008

As is the habit at this time of year, I'd like to take some time to look back on how the year has been for EclipseZone and to consider what we'll be doing in 2009. Eclipse has had a great year, with high attendences at the main conferences, another...