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Ian Skerrett10/03/08
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Cool Jobs: Wanted RCP Developer for Diesel Games

There is a steady stream of interesting Eclipse related jobs on the eclipse.employment newsgroup.   Take today, Diesel Games is looking for an RCP Developer.  I gotta believe working for a games company must be a lot of fun.  It seems Diesel Games is...

James Sugrue10/03/08
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Introducing Your New Eclipse Zone Leader

I'm happy to introduce Malai as your new zone leader here at EclipseZone. Malai is no stranger to Eclipse - while studying for his Masters in Advanced Software Engineering he was head of the team that won the Eclipse Innovation Grant 2003/4.

Alex Miller10/02/08
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Ok, I’m a little early. In one month on Halloween eve, JDK 1.4 will officially enter End of Service Life (EOSL) as part of the Sun end of life policy. JDK 1.4 was born in February of 2002 and has lived a long and successful life, probably one of the...

Hanen Ben Rhouma10/01/08
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SpringSource (and Other Top Vendors) Leading the OSGi Charge

In a press release made available by the OSGi Alliance on 16th of September, several leading vendors including SpringSource, IBM, Oracle, RedHat, Sun, SAP, ProSyst, and Paremus joined forces in their support of OSGi as the foundation for next generation...

Nitin Bharti09/29/08
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Ajax Push and ICEfaces for enterprise collaboration

The web has evolved from a document repository into a multi-user collaboration medium, shaped and created by its users. Ajax Push gives the server the...

David Green09/26/08
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Eclipse GUI Testing Is Viable With SWTBot

For several years I've struggled with the viability of automated Eclipse GUI test frameworks. Now for the first time I've found an approach that works reliably. This article discusses the approach and details some specific techniques that greatly increase...

Sandip Chitale09/20/08
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Reorder for Java Editor Plug-in for Eclipse

Reorder for Java Editor Plug-in for Eclipse

Daan van Etten09/17/08
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IntelliJ and Eclipse, Which Features Do You Like?

After some years with Eclipse, circumstances led me to try IntelliJ. It's now six months later. After this period, I can only conclude that both IntelliJ and Eclipse are very capable IDE's. In this post I look back at some features I loved in Eclipse, but are...

David Green09/17/08
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Beyond Rich Text (Part 2): Displaying Images in an SWT StyledText

Recently I wrote about a few simple tricks that make it possible to display more than just text in a StyledText widget. In this article I take it a step further: displaying images in an SWT StyledText widget.

Sandip Chitale09/11/08
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Perspectives and Views Toolbar Plugin for Eclipse

In the Eclipse IDE, I find it very inconvenient to go to the the Window:Open Perspective or Window:Show View submenu, and then select the one I want in dialog that is shown. I was inconvenienced enough that I wrote a simple Eclipse Plug-in called -...

James Sugrue09/10/08
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Catching Up With SpringSource

There have been quite a few SpringSource developments over the last few weeks. To get a summary of the recent announcements and to see what we can expect from SpringSource for the next few months including Spring 3.0, I met with Peter-Cooper Ellis, vice...

David Green09/03/08
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Beyond Rich Text: Tricks Using SourceViewer, Annotations and AnnotationPainter

An SWT StyledText can display text attributes such as bold, italic and strikethrough, alter colors and fonts. What are we to do when we need to go beyond rich text formatting? In this article we present three simple tricks using standard SWT and JFace APIs to...

Schalk Neethling09/01/08
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Advanced JavaScript Development With MyEclipse 7 M1

The first milestone release of the MyEclipse IDE 7 was recently released to the public and one of the new enhanced features was the increased tooling support for JavaScript development. Last week Genuitec ran a webinar that explored the various enhancements...

James Sugrue08/28/08
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Eclipse Enters Into The Enterprise Arena

With more people realising the power of Eclipse as a Rich Client Platform, it is natural to expect things to move on to the next level. That next level is Enterprise Applications with a typical scenario involving multi-tiered platforms with a strong emphasis...

Schalk Neethling08/25/08
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Making GWT Remote Procedure Calls

GWT enables client applications to communicate with server resources through its own RPC and object-serialization mechanism. This communication process involves each side of the conversation implementing a very straightforward GWT service interface...