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Kenn Hussey12/04/08
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On EclipseCon Idol...

The submission deadline for EclipseCon 2009 has come and gone, and now the program committee has the unpleasant duty of selecting from among the many excellent submissions. But, like all good reality shows, you, the "viewer", get to provide input...

Rob Williams12/03/08
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Eclipse PDE/RPC Achilles Heel: Reflection

Having had a front seat to the mania that was the SWT v. Swing debate, clearly the broader question of why IBM has almost never seen fit to enhance what was in Java is not a new topic. Doing PDE dev, you are confronted with the obvious need for reflection to...

Elena Nayashkova12/02/08
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Analyzing Equinox Bundle Dependencies with Memory Analyzer

Eclipse has a Plug-in Registry view, which shows the state of all plug-ins in the running instance of Eclipse. But what if you need to analyze a crashed application to see what was deployed on it? Or, like in my case, need to understand a certain bundle...

Peter Friese12/01/08
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Using Xpand in Your Eclipse Wizards

At ESE, I had a nice chat with Chris (actually, I had a lot of nice chats with a lot of nice people - it was quite a challenge to attend any of the sessions), who told me that he was looking into template engines. I leave it up to you to make any assumptions...

Glenn Galang12/01/08
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Light Weight Reporting Server on Equinox OSGi

I’ve been building software for quite a few years now and as software programming techniques have advanced, so has the number of layers. Every once in a while a technology comes along which changes the way we think. Of late I’ve been hearing a lot about...

David Green11/27/08
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Eclipse DemoCamp Vancouver

I had a great time at Eclipse DemoCamp last night. I was really impressed by two presentations in particular, both of them about testing tools.

Kai Tödter11/26/08
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Dynamic Swing OSGi Demo

I am preparing a few talks about dynamic OSGi applications. To get my hands dirty I started a little demo project to showcase different scenarios. That SWT works very well with OSGi is obvious, since Eclipse RCP is based on OSGi. But there are not many Swing...

Vasanth Dharmaraj11/25/08
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Eclipse Tip: Incremental Find or Find as You Type

Eclipse has many ways of doing things. Finding the way that suits you can be tricky. :-) The standard find dialog triggered by Crtl+F is, well, standard. But if you are a keyboard junkie then it kind of gets in the way.

Glenn Galang11/24/08
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Chat on the RAP

I thought I’d check out the Rich Ajax Platform and see how well my RCP skills carry across. My first impressions are that I’m feeling pretty much at home on the RAP. The vision of single sourcing is upon us and has huge potential to vastly reduce the...

James Sugrue11/24/08
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ESE Day Two - Why Modelling Isn't Complex

Day One was always going to be a tough act to follow, but once again I had a great day at the conference. As well as meeting even more of the community to discuss the technologies that I use, as well some great ideas for future EclipseZone articles, I managed...

Ed Merks11/21/08
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Eclipse Summit Europe - Days One and Two

Dave Thomas' keynote focused on the history and future of embedded devices though much of what he explained was around the fact that what we do at Eclipse generally sucks.

Rob Williams11/21/08
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Testing Code Generation

Some things lend themselves to TDD better than others. Code generation, it turns out, scores a 10 on this front. (To some people, it‘s heresy to think that one should favor one approach over another based on the ease of development; I would disagree with...

Glenn Galang11/20/08
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Give Date Format to Neblula CalendarCombo

The nebula project has a cool set of widgets for SWT which can be readily used in a RCP application.

James Sugrue11/20/08
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Single Sourcing, Agility and OSGi

It’s not a typical article title, but from day one of Eclipse Summit Europe these are the three main points I’ve taken away. I haven’t been to ESE before, but I must say it has really blown me away. I really enjoyed today – I got to meet a lot of...