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Rick Ross06/19/08
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Red Hat's IcedTea Powers OpenJDK to Full TCK Compatibility (no encumbered code)

Most of you know that the road to open source Java has been a long and winding one. Today an important milestone was announced, and through the efforts of the OpenJDK community and Red Hat's IcedTea project the vision of a fully-compatible, truly free and...

James Sugrue06/19/08
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Understanding the Eclipse p2 Provisioning System

p2 is the new provisioning system which will be provided along with the Eclipse Ganymede release on June 25th. This is one feature that I didn't really follow closely enough,so I was really happy when I called Pascal Rapicault to get an explanation from the...

Andy Maleh06/19/08
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Glimmer - Using Ruby to Build SWT User Interfaces

Glimmer is a JRuby DSL that enables easy and efficient authoring of user-interfaces using the robust platform-independent Eclipse SWT library. Glimmer comes with built-in data-binding support to greatly facilitate synchronizing UI with domain models. The...

Jill Tomich06/16/08
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Design Patterns Refcard Available for Download

DZone continues its Refcardz series with a new, free PDF cheatsheet on Design Patterns.

Jeffrey Ricker06/11/08
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Decorator Pattern in the Eclipse Modelling Framework

In the previous article, I discussed how to create generic classes in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). In this article, I will discuss how to use that knowledge to implement the decorator pattern in EMF. In the process, we will be pushing our knowledge...

James Ervin06/11/08
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Using Groovy for Unit Tests Inside Eclipse

I have blogged before in the past about using Groovy to write Eclipse Plugins. In fact, I think I am the only person in the world to ever write about the subject ever. This lack of interest in the subject is unfortunate for many reasons, but one reason in...

James Sugrue06/09/08
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A Certification Creates Visibility of Your Eclipse Proficiency

Previously‚ monolithic IT spheres have broken up into countless special domains and each area comes along with a range of specific tools and methods. This evolution leads to an abundance of different technologies, pretty likely to complicate things...

Mike Milinkovich06/06/08
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Collecting Usage Data in Eclipse

One of our challenges at the Eclipse Foundation is understanding how and what people are using Eclipse. Millions of people come to our web site to download the various projects, find different Eclipse based plug-ins (open source and commercial) and use them...

kadir pekel06/06/08
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Faster Eclipse On Slower Machine

If your computer goes slower while working in a big project, you recognize that you need to do some tweaks to work more fluidly. Here i share some of my tricks that meaningfully speeds up my eclipse work flow.

James Sugrue06/05/08
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WindowBuilder Pro Achieves Ready For IBM Rational Software Validation

The providers of one of the most popular GUI Builder tools for Eclipse, Instantiations, just got WindowBuilder Pro validated as "Ready for IBM Rational Software". Having used the tool extensively over the past few years, I was interested to find out...

Schalk Neethling06/03/08
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BIRT - A Technical Interview With Evangelist Virgil Dodson

BIRT is a top level project through Eclipse and one of the most popular tools for designing and developing reports for business. Web Builder Zone Leader, Schalk Neethling, recently had an interview with BIRT evangelist Virgil Dodson on the more technical...

James Sugrue05/30/08
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The ECF Project: An Interview With Scott Lewis

In the second in our series of articles and interviews in anticipation of the Eclipse Ganymede release I discuss the Eclipse Communications Framework with project lead Scott Lewis. Here Scott gives an overview of the framework and new features added for the...

Mark Dixon05/30/08
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Why Enerjy Tools Are Now Free

After much thought, we have decided that selling Java development tools is not a viable business model for us. Several recent events have helped us reach this conclusion:

James Sugrue05/28/08
4 replies

The JavaEE Tool Set You Always Wanted

Developers are always looking for things to be made easier. Java EE application development and deployment can be a tricky area, but Oracle's Enterprise Pack for Eclipse will take away the pain.

Geertjan Wielenga05/24/08
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IDE-Agnostic Swing RCP Development

In a team of developers, especially if distributed, there's a good chance that different IDEs are used by different members of the team. But projects from one IDE can't (easily, if at all) be opened in another IDE. Maven offers a valid outcome