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Schalk Neethling07/04/08
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And the Winners Are... MyEclipse 6.5 License Winners

On 24 June 2008 Genuitec announced the availability of a new version of the MyEclipse IDE. Along with the announcement posted on the Web Builder Zone, Eclipse Zone, Ruby Zone, PHP Zone and Javalobby we launched a competition where 5 lucky DZone users could...

James Ervin07/01/08
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Notes from Eclipse Day at Googleplex

Before I go into any details, I want to say that the Google t-shirt that I got for attending was almost worth the airfare, hotel stay and car rental.  Man am I a cheap date or what?  Also I would be remiss if I didn't thank Robert Konigsberg and the rest of...

Schalk Neethling06/30/08
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BIRT 2.3 What's New And the Ganymede IDE for Java Report Developers

BIRT is a top level project through Eclipse and one of the most popular tools for designing and developing reports for business. Web Builder Zone Leader, Schalk Neethling, recently had an interview with BIRT evangelist Virgil Dodson with regards to the latest...

James Ervin06/30/08
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Notes from Eclipse Democamp in Dallas, Texas

I am late writing this blog since the democamp actually occurred last monday and it is now a week later.  I know my memory is a bit faulty, but I wanted to jot a few notes on things that stood out to me.

Doug Clarke06/30/08
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Introducing EclipseLink

The Eclipse Persistence Services Project, more commonly known as EclipseLink, is a comprehensive open source persistence solution.  EclipseLink was started by a donation of the full source code and test suites of Oracle's TopLink product. This project brings...

Tomas Kramar06/30/08
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Create New Eclipse Workspace - With All Your Old Settings

It's all a matter of taste. Do you like to have just one workspace for all your projects, or do you prefer to have multiple separate workspaces?

Arun Gupta06/27/08
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GlassFish on Eclipse Ganymede

Eclipse Ganymede is the annual release of Eclipse projects; this year including 23 projects. Screencast

Ian Skerrett06/25/08
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Eclipse Ganymede - 18 Million Lines of Code Delivered on Schedule

As many of you may know the annual Eclipse release train, called Ganymede, is now available. This is the third year in a row that the Eclipse community has shipped a coordinate release of multiple projects; 23 projects are included this year. An important...

Schalk Neethling06/24/08
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MyEclipse 6.5 Released, 5 Licenses for DZone Members!

Genuitec has announced two major product releases: MyEclipse 6.5 and MyEclipse 6.5 Blue Edition. DZone has 5 FREE licenses to give away! Both are available for immediate download and free 30-day trial on the MyEclipse site.

Michael Minella06/24/08
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Unit Testing With TestNG and JMockit

TestNG is a testing framework for unit test development. JMockit is a framework for mock objects that provides mock object functionality using the java.lang.instrument package of jdk 1.5. Together, these frameworks can provide the tools to create very robust...

Zviki Cohen06/24/08
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Eclipse 3.4 Hidden Treasures

Eclipse 3.4 "Ganymede" will be released in the upcoming days. I've been working with the RC builds for some time now and I like it. Eclipse 3.4 is a better IDE and a more robust platform than its' predecessor. In this post, I've gathered some new...

adam bien06/23/08
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Would Someone Consider To Use SWT (or another native widget library) Again These Days For Portable Platforms / Applications?

Everything started with AWT in JDK 1.0. It came with JDK 1.0, and it used (actually uses—is still there) native widgets for rendering. I still remember the excitement, as it was introduced around 1998 (with JDK 1.2). Everyone was excited, although even the...

Jill Tomich06/20/08
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Flexible Rails Refcard Available - Download Now

Peter Armstrong, author of Flexible Rails and Enterprise Flexible Rails, has put together an overview of Flex and Rails. Flexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2 shows you how Flex and Rails can be used together, and then builds a simple Flex + Rails application...

David Green06/20/08
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Focus Your Work Week (Even More): Beyond Mylyn 3.0

Mylyn and Tasktop provide a revolutionary approach to focusing the Eclipse UI. They work on the concept of having a task 'context', that defines a degree of interest (DOI) for resources related to a task. We can make this task context even richer and deliver...

Lynn Gayowski06/20/08
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Vote for Your Favourite Ganymede Poster

Eclipse community members have created some amazing posters to showcase Ganymede and we need your help to choose the ecosystem’s favourites.Please take a few moments to choose your favourite posters (up to 3) by June 24, 2008, 5:00 pm EDT,...