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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/10/29

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The US Department of Defence released a memo saying that they allow and encourage the use of open source software.  It took them six years to clarify this after a 2003 memorandum implied that the DoD shouldn't use open source.  Yet another example of speedy government bureaucracy.  This just in: "Will open source software in the Dept. of Defence lower taxes?"

In the wake of many positive reviews Windows 7 is now getting hammered by recent news of endless reboot cycles when users attempt to upgrade to the new OS.  When some people try to install Windows 7, their upgrade fails and they have to restore Vista.  When it reboots it gives users the same message and the vicious cycle continues.  Microsoft has suggested that some copies are corrupted and they suggest using a slow burn when burning ISOs to CDs.  Complaints are still flooding the forums.

The WHATWG community says that its work on HTML5 is near completion.  There is now a "last call" for enhancement requests to HTML5, Web Workers, and Microdata Vocabularies.  The HTML5 standard at the W3C is still in the working draft stage with 12 issues remaining.

Facebook is once again at the top of SAI's 50+ Most Valuable Internet Startups.  SAI values Facebook at $6.5 billion and says Wikipedia would be worth $5 billion if it wasn't non-profit.  They also say Craigslist could be worth $3 billion if it wasn't busy killing the newspaper industry.

And now the top link of the the past 24 hours: "Joel Spolsky, Snake-Oil Salesman".  In his blog, Mark Dennehy gets vocal about Joel Spolsky's Capstone Projects post for suggesting that colleges teach undergrads how to use industrial management tools like Spolsky's Fogbugz.  Spolsky even admits that Scrum by itself won't teach you time management.
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