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Jetty Gains on Tomcat: New Version 7.0

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The open source Java Application server, Jetty, has released its 7.0 version this week and continues to grow in usage.  2009 has been an eventful year for WebTide, the makers of Jetty.  In March, Jetty joined the Eclipse project and in September, WebTide was acquired by Intalio the enterprise cloud company.  

Jetty is best known for its ability, as an open source servlet container, to be embedded in other Java code.  Jetty is exposed as a set of JAR files so that you can instantiate and manipulate a servlet container in your own code as an object.  This opens up a range of new possibilities for servlets and web apps.  

DZone talked to Adam Lieber, CEO of Webtide, who had this to say about the recent acquisition, "We are now exposed to Intalio's extensive partner and presence network on 5 continents. We expect that together we will continue to grow Jetty usage into the most used server components on the Internet."  

Jetty is well on its way to accomplishing that goal with deployments on nearly 300,000 public web servers, according to a report by Netcraft.  The leading Java application server, Apache Tomcat has a little over 400,000.  Yahoo! Zimbra, Yahoo Hadoop Cluster, the Google AppEngine, Apache Geronimo, and GWT are just some of the technologies powered by Jetty.  The comprehensive list is here.

Apache Tomcat vs. Jetty web server deployments

-This report was conducted by, an independent third-party source

Lieber also had good things to say about the Eclipse partnership, "Eclipse has brought numerous new ideas to help Jetty to advance. The Eclipse IDE includes Jetty, and their OSGi framework.  Equinox also uses Jetty by default."

Presently, Lieber says WebTide has been focusing on the release of Jetty 7.0 this week.  The 7.0 version still uses the Servlet 2.5 API but it will have functions from the 3.0 API.   Jetty 7.0 also has improved integration with OSGi component technology and supports continuations to enable asynchronous communication.  The overall performance has increased as well.  WebTide is already working on Jetty 8.0, which is set for release in early 2010 and it will implement Servlet 3.0 and Java-1.6.  

Jetty 7.0 is licensed under Apache 2.0 and the Eclipse Public License (EPL).  The update is available at and the Maven repository.



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Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Fri, 2009/10/09 - 9:38pm

We decided on Jetty when we realized how well integrated it is into Maven and how productive development with embedded Jetty is. So far has been a great choice for us. We rolled our own custom Jetty distribution (with Atomikos), so I am interested to see whether it will be worth switching to the new Jetty Hightide distribution.

In short: Maven + Jetty + Spring + Hibernate = KILLER PRODUCTIVITY

Pether Sorling replied on Sun, 2009/10/11 - 2:26am in response to: Jacek Furmankiewicz

Can only agree, but miss a jetty jopr plugin. 

What's the best solution for monitoring jetty, any ideas anyone ?

Example of my current project using latest version jetty 7.0, spring 3.0.0.RC1 & hibernate 3.5.0.Beta-1 at . Using loads of cool reports :)





Nati Shalom replied on Sun, 2009/10/11 - 4:37pm

You should try all you need to place thier agent in your classpath and you get pretty neat monitoring without having to install any monitoring server or configure anything - it just works.

jochen rebhan replied on Mon, 2009/10/12 - 2:33am

Jetty no more allows dynamic reloading of the webcontext, therefore (since I mostly develop servlets) switched back to Tomcat.

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Wed, 2009/10/14 - 1:09am

I have always thought of Tomcat as a convoluted mess, anywhere from the source code to the way it's configured. Every experience with Tomcat has been a frustrating one. Bugs, problems, issues, etc. Jetty has been nice, light, fast, and embeddable. I've embedded it into my own javascript based webserver once years ago. Why Tomcat became number one in the first place is just pure and utter marketing, nothing more.

Susi Sorglos replied on Mon, 2009/10/19 - 11:12am

The Tomcat vs. Jetty numbers from Netcraft are not only outdated, they are also meaningless, as most Java web servers are connected to another public web server like Apache.

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Uchenna Ani-Okoye replied on Mon, 2014/07/07 - 10:18am

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