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Mitch Pronschinske09/05/10
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Daily Dose - Google Pays Big Money to Keep Developers from Going to Facebook

LinkedIn has tracked approximately 118 former Google employees who have left after Facebook made offers that they couldn't refuse.  These offers likely included low priced private stock, according to TechCrunch.  That stock could end up hitting $100 billion...

Mitch Pronschinske09/02/10
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Daily Dose - Android Doesn't Count Upgrades as Activations Either

Google responded to Steve Jobs' implications at the iPod/Apple TV/iOS presentation this week.   At the presentation he said that Apple estimates about 230k new activations of iOS devices every day.  Jobs said that Apple thinks they're ahead of everyone...

Mitch Pronschinske09/01/10
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Daily Dose - Release Candidate for PostgreSQL 9.0

After four months in beta, the first release candidate of the open source database, PostgreSQL, is ready for download.  PostgreSQL 9.0 includes some awesome features like Hot Standby and Steaming Replication.  The developers don't think any changes in...

Mitch Pronschinske08/31/10
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Daily Dose - New Digg CEO Enters Riot Zone

Kevin Rose announced that he's stepping down as the interim CEO at Digg and raising Matt Williams up to the position.  Williams has worked in a variety of management roles at Amazon and GM.  He was also the founder and CEO of  From the...

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/10
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Daily Dose - The Emotion Markup Language

The W3C is working to formalize a language of emotional states for computers.  This would include more complex emoticons for human-to-human interaction as well as more human-like interaction capabilities for computers.  Hopefully this means that some day...

Mitch Pronschinske08/29/10
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Daily Dose - Do More with the Less Framework 2.0

The CSS3-based framework for dynamically resizing text columns on various form factors just got better.  The Less Framework will resize columns in a browser from 2 columns on a smartphone, to 5 columns in a tablet or netbook, and up to 8 columns in a...

Mitch Pronschinske08/27/10
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Daily Dose - Google Boycotts JavaOne

Google's Chief Java Architect Joshua Bloch just announced on the Google Code Blog that he and Google would not be at JavaOne this year due to the Oracle lawsuit.  According to another blog entry by another Googler, all sessions with a presenter from Google...

Mitch Pronschinske08/26/10
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Daily Dose - Chrome 7 Arrives Bearing NaCl

If you've been waiting to get your hands on Google's Native Client, you can do so now by getting on the Chrome developer channel, which just released Chrome 7.  NaCl is enabled by default and it allows native code to run in your browser, which means web apps...

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/10
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Daily Dose - RabbitMQ 2.0 Upgrades to AMQP 0.9.1

The RabbitMQ messaging system, which was recently be acquired by VMware's SpringSource, has reached version 2.0.  The AMQP-based system has a new persister that's only bound by disk capacity and a server that optimizes memory usage - giving RabbitMQ more...

Mitch Pronschinske08/24/10
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Daily Dose - Adobe's McAllister Speaks Out Against Oracle

In a recent blog entry, Adobe's open source and standards director David McAllister remarked that “the axis of evil has shifted south about 850 miles or so," in Silicon Valley.  McAllister criticized Oracle's handling of OpenSolaris and its recent...

Mitch Pronschinske08/23/10
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Daily Dose - Why Bundle Flash with Chrome? ..Faster Security Patches

The SecBrowsing blog noted a major change in the speed at which users updated their Flash version during the last patch.  The blog measured the number of visitors using Chrome with an updated version of Flash over the span of a couple weeks.  For the June...

Mitch Pronschinske08/22/10
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DZone Daily Dose - WebKit Gains MathML Support

Writing mathematical formulas on web pages just got easier if your page is being read by a WebKit browser such as Chrome or Safari.  The WebKit developers are now releasing nightly builds that support the MathML XML language, which allows you to type in...

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/10
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DZone Daily Dose - Hibernate 3.5.5 Deprecates CGLIB Support

A decent amount of uproar was generated this week when JBoss developers indicated that the latest stable release of Hibernate (3.5.5) would have deprecated support for CGLIB as a bytecode provider.  Developers can still use CGLIB as the bytecode provider,...

Mitch Pronschinske08/19/10
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Daily Dose - Spring 3.0.4 Supports Ehcache 2.2, EclipseLink 2.1, and More

The 3.0.4 update to Spring includes 80 different bugfixes and enhancements.  Some highlights include support for updated third-party tools like Hibernate Core 3.6, Hibernate Validator 4.1, EclipseLink 2.1, and Ehcache 2.2.  There are also several...

Mitch Pronschinske08/18/10
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Daily Dose - iPad Rival Running Chrome OS Arriving in November?

Several reports are saying that the Chrome operating system will be here by the end of November.  That's because on November 26th, Google plans to release a Chrome OS-based tablet to compete with the iPad's resounding success.  Google has recruited industry...