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Erich Styger11/26/14
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Adding 'Show in Windows Explorer' to Eclipse

In CodeWarrior there was a very useful feature in the CodeWarrior Projects view: with a context menu I can open that folder/file in Windows Explorer.

Erich Styger11/25/14
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Updated McuOnEclipse Components: USB for KL24Z, FatFs v0.10c, Shell Backspace and FreeRTOS Trace Hook Configuration

I have received several requests to post a quick note when there is a new release (16-Nov-2014) of the McuOnEclipse components on SourceForge (see “McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge“). I have published today a new release, and with some major improvements:

Eugene Ivantsov11/22/14
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Build And Share Developer Environments in Your Browser

A modern browser is all you need to develop and share complex developer environments. Build environments that fit your project requirements. Instantly share your environments. Code, build, test and run projects in your browser.

Michael Singer11/21/14
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Where Is the Data You Visualize?

Remember how BI companies used to market big data a few years ago? Most of them just connected to a Hadoop cluster, made a query, visualized a report or dashboard and then hit the “Big Data Press Release” button.

Erich Styger11/20/14
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McuOnEclipse Component Sources in Dedicated GitHub Repository

From time to time it is good to do some cleanup work: what has grown organically sometimes needs some cuts and moves. The same applies to the McuOnEclipse GitHub repository. I already moved out the Processor Expert component releases. Time to cleanup and move the Processor Expert component sources.

Benjamin Ball11/19/14
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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

I just wanted to let everyone know about this great virtual developer conferencing coming up called hack.summit(), which takes place Dec 2-4; there's already more than 13,000 developers signed up for the conference.

Holger Voormann11/19/14
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Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Feels Lucky

Up to now more than 12 million Luna packages have been downloaded. That is more than two petabytes and on average, 63 packages per second. On 26th September the first service release was published and a few days later the packages were rearranged on the download page.

Erich Styger11/19/14
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Engineering Joke of the Week: The Train Ticket

On a train to a large computer convention, there was a bunch of engineers and a bunch of managers...

Holger Voormann11/18/14
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Little Known Things about the Eclipse Infocenter: Debugging Information (5/5)

In situations when you cannot easily access the server on which the Infocenter is running you can still get hold of a list of active plug-ins and some help-specific configuration information. Furthermore, you can display any file of an active plug-in.

G. Ryan Spain11/17/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov. 07): Eclipse Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Eclipse Zone (November 07 - November 14). Including Why to avoid being a good programmer, using the link source feature in Eclipse, and IoT and ECF Remote Services.

Michael Singer11/15/14
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Data Driven Digest for November 14

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week.

Holger Voormann11/15/14
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Little Known Things about the Eclipse Infocenter: Language Switching (4/5)

The Infocenter is multilingual. The Eclipse Babel project provides languages packs for the user interface.

Holger Voormann11/14/14
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Little Known Things about the Eclipse Infocenter: Search Links (3/5)

Search links are queries which can be used for sharing or creating a search input field in or outside the Infocenter. You can search all content, a single book or a single chapter.

Holger Voormann11/13/14
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Little Known Things about the Eclipse Infocenter: Deep Linking (2/5)

The Infocenter does not yet support deep linking: When you browse inside the Infocenter the URL does not change. If you want to bookmark a topic you will have to copy the topic link via right-click menu from the table of contents, paste the link into the address bar and bookmark this URL.

Kees Pieters11/13/14
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Using Eclipse's Link Source Feature

This tutorial describes how a Maven project (not Tycho!) can be used as a source for a number of OSGI bundles, using the Eclipse IDE.